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Decorated Mantel

Christine Chitnis

Christmas Stairway

All photos/art by Ira Garber

Long before December rolls around, Christine Chitnis is in her studio, working on the theme for this year’s holiday decorations. Playing off the bright color palette of her home in Providence, Rhode Island, this talented crafter and blogger creates a collection of ornaments, wreaths, and accents from the finds she collects throughout the year at antiques shops and craft fairs. (As author of the popular guidebook Markets of New England, she knows where the good stuff is.)

This year’s display is all about light: the sparkle of vintage mercury glass, the sheen on velvet-ribbon wreath ornaments. “I wanted to keep a vintage feel throughout,” Christine says. “A lot of my ornaments and props are vintage, and most of the crafts use repurposed materials, such as old thread spools and sheet music.”

Now you can follow Christine’s instructions to bring these holiday treasures into your own home–they’re easy to create, even for the novice crafter, and ready for your adaptations. It’s a homespun holiday with a retro twist.


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