Cretan Pilafi (Greek Rice)

By Yankee Magazine

Aug 17 2011

“Best Cook” Sophia Sergentanis swears by Uncle Ben’s Original Long-Grain White Rice for this cretan pilafi (Greek rice) recipe; she says it doesn’t come out the same if you use any other brand.


4 servings


2 cans chicken broth
2 ounces lemon juice
1/2 stick butter
1 cup Uncle Ben’s Original Long-Grain White Rice


Combine chicken broth and lemon juice, and bring to a boil. Add butter and rice; stir well. Turn heat down to medium and cover the pot partially. Continue cooking rice, stirring often, about 20 minutes. (There should still be some liquid covering the rice.) Remove from heat, cover pot completely, and let sit 5 minutes, to let rice absorb remaining liquid.