What to Leave for Santa in New England

From Maine to Connecticut, here’s a collection of New England state-specific cookie alternatives for what to leave Santa this year.

By Aimee Tucker

Dec 20 2021

maine whoopie pie
Before bed on Christmas Eve, it is customary to set out a plate of provisions for the man of the hour — the red-suited gift bearer known as Santa Claus. Cookies and milk are the traditional treat because it’s a widely accepted fact that Santa likes (and maybe even loves) cookies, but let’s say for a moment that Santa’s tired of chocolate chip. What if you were to leave St. Nick a locally inspired snack instead? Here are some non-cookie alternative suggestions for what to leave for Santa in New England, state by state!



In Maine, we bet Santa would love a big old chocolate whoopie pie, brimming with cream filling. While we’re sure he’d also love a glass of Moxie, milk seems a wiser choice for washing down all of those chocolate crumbs.
Maine Whoopie Pie for Santa
In Maine, leave a whoopie pie for Santa.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey


In Vermont, Santa might be craving something savory and hope for a plate of sharp cheddar cheese served with crisp crackers and a bottle (just one, Santa) of local hard cideror craft beer.
Vermont Cheese for Santa
In Vermont, leave sharp cheddar cheese and maybe a local hard cider.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey


In New Hampshire, Santa might start sniffing the air for the smell of maple syrup. Leave him a few maple sugar candies he can tuck into his pocket for later in the trip when someone leaves him a treat he’s not especially fond of.
New Hampshire Maple Candy for Santa
In New Hampshire, it’s maple sugar candy Santa wants.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey


In Massachusetts (since we’re skipping the Toll House Cookies in this non-cookie experiment) it’s peanut butter and marshmallow Fluff Santa needs to try. Fluff was invented in Somerville, MA and we know Santa loves anything sweet. Make him a Fluffernutter sandwich before sending him on his way.
Massachusetts Fluffernutter for Santa
In Massachusetts, leave Santa a gooey Fluffernutter.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey


In Rhode Island, what else could Santa hope for than a plate of johnnycakes (thick or thin – we’re sure he likes them both) made from local whitecap cornmeal and and followed by an ice-cold glass of coffee milk?
Rhode Island Johnny Cakes and Coffee Milk for Santa
In Rhode Island, Santa fills up on johnny cakes and a cold coffee milk.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey


And finally, on his way out of New England, we’re sure that Santa would love if his friends in Connecticut left him a glass of eggnog, that beloved Christmas classic, topped with whipped cream and a generous shake of fresh grated nutmeg. Connecticut is, after all, nicknamed “The Nutmeg State.”
Connecticut Eggnog Nutmeg for Santa
In Connecticut, leave Santa a glass of eggnog topped with fresh nutmeg.
Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey
No matter what you choose to leave Santa, no doubt he appreciates the treat and (fingers crossed!) leaves something for you in return! What does your family leave for Santa? Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! This post was first published in 2015 and has been updated. 

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