Our Favorite Maple Products (That Aren’t Syrup)

Move over, maple syrup: From seasonings to soaps, these unusual maple products surely are just as sweet.

By Katherine Keenan

Mar 23 2022

Maple Products Guide (Grafton Village Maple Smoked Cheddar Cheese)

Maple Smoked Cheddar by Grafton Village Cheese

Photo Credit : Katherine Keenan

While it goes without saying that maple syrup is right up there with lobster rolls and blueberry pie in the New England food pantheon, there are many alternative maple concoctions that are worthy in their own right. Inspired by the 2020 Yankee feature “Eight Ways to Make the Most of Maple Season,” we rounded up a few favorite New England–made maple products that give new meaning to maple.

Maple Products - nadine primeau unsplash
“Maple” doesn’t have to mean syrup…
Photo Credit : Nadine Primeau

Our Favorite Maple Products (That Aren’t Syrup)

When I was a kid growing up in northern New Hampshire, my family would tumble out of the car at the annual town fair and — beelining through the cacophony of buzzers and screaming tilt-a-whirl riders — head for Fuller’s Sugar House. Tucked away near the cow barns and the 4-H creamery stood the shack where, like New England Rumplestiltskins, the staffers spun maple sugar into cotton-candy gold. We’d pick up a bag for every member of the family, plus an extra one for good measure. It was hard not to devour an entire bag immediately, but, in a rare display of childhood self-restraint, I would usually save half.

Later in life, I tried maple cream for the first time. And let me tell you: You haven’t lived until you’ve had a piece of buttered toast with maple cream on top. Nowadays my mom keeps a jar or two of Mount Cabot Maple’s maple cream on hand at all times.

There’s something in this list for nearly everyone. Fans of savory-sweet combinations will love the maple pepper, maple-smoked cheddar, and maple sriracha, while those with a sweet tooth may prefer to pop open a tub of the aforementioned maple cotton candy. And not everything is meant to be eaten: We found earrings, ceramics, refrigerator magnets, and even art supplies.

Ready to take your love for maple to the next level? Read on for our full list of maple-inspired products.

Maple Products 7 - Maple Ketchup
Maple ketchup by Baird Farm
Photo Credit : 273 Productions

Farmhouse Maple Ketchup by Baird Farm

Combining sweetness with the acidic punch of tomato and a slight smokiness, this maple ketchup might just be the perfect condiment. North Chittenden, VT.

Maple Products 18 | Maple Creemee Magnet
Maple creemee magnet by Danforth Pewter
Photo Credit : Danforth Pewter

Maple Creemee Magnet by Danforth Pewter

Ahh, maple creemees. What better way to show your love for these magical swirls of maple ice cream than to add this magnet to your fridge collection? No matter how you spell the name of this classic Vermont treat, this magnet sure is cute! Middlebury, VT.

Maple Products 1 - Maple Leaf Earrings
Maple leaf earrings by Ravenstone Gifts
Photo Credit : Kathleen Gendron

Maple Leaf Earrings by Ravenstone Gifts

Handcrafted in Massachusetts, these lightweight, gold-plated brass leaves will help you celebrate the golden hues of autumn all “ear” round!  Lynn, MA.

Maple Products 2 - Maple Branch Brushes
Maple-handled art brushes by Sugarhouse Ceramic Company
Photo Credit : Sugarhouse Ceramic Company

Maple Art Brushes by Sugarhouse Ceramic Company

Crafted from segments of Vermont maple branches collected at the Sugarhouse Homestead, these art brushes might provide inspiration for your next masterpiece. East Fairfield, VT.

Maple smoked cheddar by Grafton Village Cheese
Photo Credit : Katherine Keenan

Maple-Smoked Cheddar by Grafton Village Cheese

Cold-smoked over maple and hardwood, this cheddar would make a clever charcuterie board addition, a superb sandwich layer, and (we imagine) a marvelous mac and cheese. Grafton, VT.

Maple Products 12 - Laura Zindel Ceramicscts12
Maple seed jug by Laura Zindel Design
Photo Credit : Laura Zindel

Maple Seed Jug by Laura Zindel Design

Whether you call them helicopters, whirlybirds, or samaras, the distinctive seeds of a maple tree make a beautiful decoration. Brattleboro, VT.

Maple Products 17 Vermont Soap Maple Bath and Body Bars by The Vermont Country Store
Maple bath and body bars by Vermont Soap
Photo Credit : The Vermont Country Store

Maple Bath and Body Bars by Vermont Soap

Subtly maple-scented, these soaps will keep you smelling fresh, clean, and maybe even a little sweet. Exclusive to The Vermont Country Store. Made in Vermont.

Maple Products Guide (Maple Pepper with Garlic, Highland Foods LLC)
Maple pepper with garlic by Highland Foods LLC
Photo Credit : Highland Foods LLC

Maple Pepper with Garlic by Highland Foods

This black pepper blend, which includes 100 percent pure maple sugar, sea salt, and garlic, might just become a staple on your dinner table. Newcastle, ME.

Maple Products 17 Maple Sriracha
Maple sriracha by Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind
Photo Credit : James Fox

Vermont Maple Sriracha by Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind

Spice up your life, New England–style, with this all-natural maple hot sauce. Rutland, VT.

Maple Products 16 Maple Cotton Candy
Maple cotton candy by The Vermont Country Store
Photo Credit : The Vermont Country Store

Maple Cotton Candy by The Vermont Country Store

This is what dreams are made of — spun from pure Vermont maple sugar and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made in Vermont.

This post was first published in 2020 and has been updated. 


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