Yankee‘s 20 Best Photos of 2021

A look back at some of the most memorable images from the pages of Yankee in 2021.

By Heather Marcus

Mar 31 2022


An early morning sun echos the shape of silhouetted figures in Oak Bluffs documented by island photographer Alison Shaw for Jamie Kageliery’s personal piece. (“A Beautiful Hiding Place,” March/April)

Photo Credit : Alison Shaw
Yankee is fortunate to have so many talented photographers in New England to call upon for its varied stories. It is always an honor to look back on the year and revisit the work that goes into each issue.  Among the best photo essays from this past year are Brian Skerry’s otherworldly ocean photographs culled from a lifetime of work (“The Underwater Evangelist”) and Gabe Bornstein’s different take on the same subject (“The Winter Sea”). Other standouts include Alex Gagne’s ongoing project documenting Cape Cod’s minor league baseball (“Chasing the Dream”), Greta Rybus’s images of Maine’s wild blueberries (“Wild Blue Wonder”) and Alison Shaw’s intimate look at Martha’s Vineyard (“A Beautiful Hiding Place”). As photo editor, I’m thrilled that Yankee continues to tell such wonderful stories of New England through both compelling words and unforgettable visuals. And while it’s always difficult to narrow down a full year of work, we’ve put together a collection of 20 favorite photographs from 2021 that represent the excellence of the whole — and we hope you’ll click through to the original story to read (and see) more.

Yankee’s 20 Best Photos of 2021

Gabe Bornstein captures the beauty of light and motion in Maine’s arctic waters. (“The Winter Sea,” January/February)
Photo Credit : Gabe Bornstein
Shades of blue captured by Greta Rybus in Maine’s blueberry barrens for Rowan Jacobsen’s piece. (“Wild Blue Wonder,” July/August)
Photo Credit : Greta Rybus
A dramatic sky sets the scene from Alex Gagne’s ongoing project documenting the Cape Cod Baseball leagues. (“Chasing the Dream,” July/August)
Photo Credit : Alex Gagne
A sweet portrait captured on the summit of New Hampshire’s most climbed mountain by Corey Hendrickson. (“One Day in October on Mount Monadnock,” September/October)
Photo Credit : Corey Hendrickson
A classic view of Camden, Maine captured by Mark Fleming highlighting foliage expert Jim Salge’s favorite autumn spots. (“Peak Color,” September/October)
Photo Credit : Mark Fleming
A simple and elegant slice of pie from writer Nadine Nelson’s recipe styled by Kaitlin Wayne & Veronica Olson & photographed by pie aficionado Mark Weinberg graced our winter cover. (“Baking Power,” January/February)
Photo Credit : Mark Weinberg
Cait Bourgault documents a Northeast Mountaineering trek across a pristine snow covered landscape en route to the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. (“Winter in the Mount Washington Valley,” January/February)
Photo Credit : Cait Bourgault
Cig Harvey‘s illustrative photo for Oliver Broudy’s beautiful essay. (“Living with Ghosts,” September/October)
Photo Credit : Cig Harvey
Accomplished underwater photographer Brian Skerry documents a colorful scene in the Gulf of Maine. (“The Ocean Evangelist,” March/April)
Photo Credit : Brian Skerry
The twist of the trail in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont captured by sports photographer Dave Trumpore. (“Build It and They Will Come,” July/August)
Photo Credit : Dave Trumpore
An early morning sun echos the shape of silhouetted figures in Oak Bluffs documented by island photographer Alison Shaw for writer Jamie Kageliery’s personal piece. (“A Beautiful Hiding Place,” March/April)
Photo Credit : Alison Shaw
Late afternoon light illuminates a grilled feast in Newburyport styled by Catrine Kelty & Caroline Woodward & photographed by Michael Piazza with recipes from Senior Food Editor Amy Traverso. (“A Movable Feast,” May/June)
Photo Credit : Michael Piazza
A portrait of Michael Levin amongst his prized bonsai by Greta Rybus for Katy Kelleher’s piece on Bonsai West in Littleton, Massachusetts. (“A Living Art,” September/October)
Photo Credit : Greta Rybus
Bob O’Connor captured this peek inside the intricately filled studio of master granite carver Giuliano Cecchinelli for Julia Shipley’s piece. (“Written in Stone,” January/February)
Photo Credit : Bob O'Connor
Cate Brown captured the sunset sail of the Schooner Aquidneck in Newport, Rhode Island for our autumn feature. (“31 Ways to Fall for Autumn,” September/October)
Photo Credit : Cate Brown
An aerial perspective taken by Corey Hendrickson captures bikers along the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail from Senior Editor Ian Aldrich’s shared summer journey. (“Going Wide,” May/June)
Photo Credit : Corey Hendrickson
The story of a giant at Boston’s New England Aquarium as told by Joe Keohane with a frame from Brian Skerry‘s archive. (“Queen of the Deep,” November/December)
Photo Credit : Brian Skerry
Andrew Rowat captured this charming snow globe view that opened our weekend in Woodstock, Vermont. (“Winter Weekend in Woodstock,” January/February)
Photo Credit : Andrew Rowat
A joyful moment with Chef Douglass at his Boston restaurant MIDA captured by Michael Piazza for Food Editor Amy Traverso’s feature. (“A Recipe for Zen,” March/April)
Photo Credit : Michael Piazza
A classic holiday facade in Providence, Rhode Island captured during a fresh snowfall by Angel Tucker. (“Holiday Weekend in Providence,” November/December)
Photo Credit : Angel Tucker

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