Noted for its colorful gardens, old neighborhoods, artistic culture, and tight-knit communities, New England’s memorable landscape is matched only by its practical and resourceful residents.

History and architecture buffs flock to historic New England towns like Essex, Connecticut and Portsmouth, New Hampshire to admire its centuries of historic homes, from quaint 17th century Colonials and stately 18th century Federal and Georgians to gabled, gingerbread 19th century Victorians. With dozens of scenic towns boasting walkable historic districts, many with guided tours, the beauty of New England’s past can often be enjoyed in a single stroll.

Nature-lovers enjoy wandering the grounds at some of New England’s most beautiful green spaces, including the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain just outside Boston, the rose gardens at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, Connecticut, and the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, but if you’re looking to grow your own New England garden, we’ve got plenty of advice. From tips on companion planting and foolproof roses to how to prune an apple tree, your green thumb for your outdoor living space is our goal.

With a landscape that serves as a natural inspiration, it’s no wonder that New England is a celebrated haven for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts of “simple living” homesteading traditions like cheesemaking, weaving, wood-fired cooking, beekeeping, and even raising chickens. Visit one of the region’s many craft fairs or sign up for a workshop or class. You’ll be helping to support the local art community, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

In everyday living, New Englanders pride themselves on common sense when it comes to maintaining good health and the art of wise (call it frugal if you must) spending.

In the home, we stick to our unoffocial Yankee motto of “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” when tackling home repair projects or justifying a hard-earned new purchase. Ever wonder how to get wood scratches out of furniture, fix sticky drawers, stack the perfect woodpile, repair torn upholstery, clean your rugs with snow, or even put down a paper bag floor? We have the answers.

The same is true in the great outdoors. Suffering from poison ivy or a summer bee sting? A good New Englander can rattle off a list of home remedies as long as your arm. You know, the one with the tick bite, poison oak rash, or painful wasp sting.

And how about when the great outdoors makes its unfortunate way indoors? From dealing with ants in the kitchen and raccoons in the walls to getting the skunk smell out of Fido’s fur, we’ve got solutions.

Search the New England Today site for indoor and outdoor inspiration, handy guides, and helpful advice to help navigate New England living, from landscape and, home, and to artistic traditions.

The simple beauty of New England living awaits!


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