Susan Cole Kelly


How to Make a Photography Portfolio

Photographer Susan Cole Kelly shares her expert tips for how to make a photography portfolio and photography portfolio ideas.

Winter Harbor Light

Hancock County, Maine, by Susan Cole Kelly | Photographs

Susan Cole Kelly is a published photographer and author. She started her avocation as a New England stock photographer while working in an IT career in Boston. Since taking early retirement she has been able to devote more time to photography, and now travels throughout the region taking photos which are used by publishers of […]

Digital Camera ca

How to Resize Digital Photos

You took that shiny new camera out of the box and started using it. Maybe you went through the user manual once, set the camera the way you want it, and forgot it. Picture size? Who cares, they look great, right? Well, maybe. Photos should be sized to fit the way they’re going to be […]

The Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Yankee Magazine

Photographs of the Boston Marathon Memorial in Copley Square

Susan Cole Kelly is a Boston-based photographer and regular contributor to Yankee Magazine and She captured the Boston Marathon memorial on Boylston Street in a series of photographs and shares her feelings on how the memorial has affected her and the Boston community. See more of her photographs of Boston at [slideshow post_id=”423603″] […]

User-Submitted Photos

Get Down

I see so many people taking pictures in same position – standing, with the camera at shoulder level, facing their subject head-on. The trouble is, their pictures all look the same! So the next time you’re out shooting, try varying your position. […]

Cape Cod Beaches
Yankee Magazine

Top Five Favorite Places to Photograph in New England

Photographer Susan Cole Kelly lists her top five favorite places to photograph in New England. New England is a beautiful and interesting region for photographers. The six states provide cultural and scenic variety along with history, wilderness, and small town appeal. I have a spreadsheet with 1600 New England attractions, and while I would like […]


Finding Spring

The varieties of flowering trees and bushes found in cities, public gardens, and cemeteries are chosen to provide color from early April through October. Landscape designers often pick species that show bright color before our native trees have woken up. While you’re […]

Architecture Photography
How To

How to Use a Digital Camera

Photography blogger Susan Cole Kelly shares her simple tips for using a digital camera. Our friends at Yankee have asked me to write a blog entry about how to use a digital camera. Initially, I was stumped — isn’t that like asking a chef to write a few words about how to use a stove? […]

Winter Sky

Outfitting (Light) for Winter Photography

I just finished reading an article about outfitting for a winter expedition in my favorite photography magazine, and wondered why they favor such extreme topics. How many people really need to equip themselves for a three-week trek to Antarctica? True, we’ve enjoyed some chilly weather this season, but most of us are taking pictures of […]

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