How to Get Rid of Cockroaches | Tips & Tricks

Cockroaches can contaminate food and living spaces, and can pose a risk to our health. Here are four tips on how to get rid of cockroaches.

By Earl Proulx

Jan 23 2018

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroach facts are sometimes unpleasant to hear. For one, they eat anything from bookbinding glue to starched clothing. They also contaminate food, spread disease, and — quite frankly — are just plain gross! Learn how to get rid of cockroaches with these four tips and tricks.

how to get rid of cockroaches
How to Get Rid of Cockroaches │Tips & Tricks


Use Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid powder is fatal to cockroaches when ingested, making it a popular method of cockroach extermination. Sprinkle a small amount of the powder under appliances, behind the refrigerator, under counters, and in any other places that are out of reach of children and pets. Place the powder in areas where the cockroaches are likely to walk, so that the roaches will step in the powder and ingest it when they later groom themselves.

Seal Cracks & Tighten Pipes

If you have cracks or holes in your floor, walls, or kitchen cabinets, cockroaches could be using these areas as points of entry. Seal them with caulking or another tough sealant to cut off access. Another common passageway for cockroaches is through the plumbing underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink. Plug these tightly with rags and make sure there are no leaks, as these can be a roach’s main source of water.

Keep Things Clean

Roaches love the area under the refrigerator — especially the drip pan. Any area that is warm and dark or that is the least bit damp will be considered a five-star hotel by roaches. Vacuum up all dirt and dust from around these areas and wash out the drip pan often. Don’t leave open food or crumbs on your countertops either, as roaches (and other pests) will be sure to take advantage of a free meal.

Trap & Toss

Another way to get rid of cockroaches is to make a trap with a glass jar that’s about 4″ high. Put some bacon grease and a small chunk of banana in the bottom of the jar. Then smear a band of petroleum jelly about 3/4″ wide around the inside of the jar, about 1/2″ from the top. Stand the jar in an area where roaches are a problem. The bugs can crawl in but won’t be able to get out.

Alternatively, cut the top third off of a plastic 2-liter soda bottle, fill the bottom with a couple inches of water (sweeten it with some sugar to make it extra alluring), and put the top third back on upside-down. Again, the roaches will be able to crawl into the trap, but won’t be able to get out and will eventually drown.

Once you figure out how to get rid of cockroaches, you’ll be unstoppable! For the most effective cockroach extermination, use all of the above methods concurrently.

This post was first published in 2012 and has been updated.

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