Get Rid of Silverfish

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SilverfishSilverfish aren’t only annoying, they’re also destructive. They eat glue, books, papers, artwork and clothing and can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Use these methods to rid these pesky insects from your home.

Build a Silverfish Trap

To get rid of silverfish, put about 1/4-inch of flour in a small straight-sided glass. Run a strip of adhesive tape from bottom to top on the outside. Silverfish will travel up the tape and drop into the glass, but they won’t be able to get back out. Place a glass or two in each room where you’ve seen silverfish.

Lure Silverfish with Sugar

You can also eliminate silverfish by sprinkling a solution of boric acid and sugar around a room. The acid is poisonous; never put it in spots where children or pets can get at it.

Protect Clothing from Pests

Add whole cloves to bags of stored clothing to keep out moths and silverfish.


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