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Cod and Corn Chowder | Step-by-Step

Made with fresh sweet corn and sustainable cod, this Cod and Corn Chowder is warming, flavorful, hearty, and good til the last spoonful.

By Aimee Tucker

Jan 02 2017

corn and cod chowder

Tasty corn and cod chowder!

Photo Credit : Aimee Seavey
It goes without saying that chowder is popular in New England. We line up for it without fail, whether we’re in a swimsuit at the beach on a hot day in August or wearing a turtleneck sweater at home on a freezing night in February. With all its variances (thick vs. thin, clams vs. corn, milk vs. clam-juice broth — never mind the scandalous Manhattan vs. New England Clam Chowderdebate!), chowder seems as old as the sea itself, and this cod and corn chowder is no different — warming, flavorful, hearty, and good ’til the last spoonful.
Cod and Corn Chowder
Tasty cod and corn chowder!
The origins of the term ‘chowder’ are hard to trace — some credit 17th-century fishermen on the northwest coast of France, who cooked their seafood stews in large cauldrons called “chaudières,” while others say the word comes from “jowter,” a 16th-century Cornish term for “fishmonger.” But no matter its origins, the dish is now a firmly New England tradition, and we celebrate it with deep and unwavering love. Late summer is perhaps the best time to make this chowder, when fresh corn kernels are plentiful and the nights are just a little bit cooler, making a warm bowl a welcome treat. The kernels are combined with fragrant leeks and hearty potato chunks for a chowder that has plenty of texture and flavor.
Cod and Corn Chowder
Fresh cut corn, leeks, and potatoes ready for chowder!
For the fish, I take a one-pound cod loin and cut it up into three chunks. These get added to the chowder in large pieces, which you then hand-flake later (once they’re cooked) right in the pot. Cod is a chowder favorite, but you can substitute with the fish of your choosing if you can’t get your hands on any sustainable cod, or (if you like) omit the fish altogether and add clams or other seafood.
Cod and Corn Chowder
Cod ready for chowder.
The recipe calls for crumbled bacon as a garnish, and while I’m sure that’s delicious, I opted for some fresh parsley from my garden and a packet of oyster crackers. Like all soups and chowders, you can switch it up with endless combinations based on tastes and what’s in the fridge.
Cod and Corn Chowder
A perfect chowder for summer or winter.
Are you a cod and corn chowder lover? What are the do’s and don’ts of a good batch? This post was first published in 2014 and has been updated.

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