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Yankee’s Dream New England Kitchen

Whether you live by the ocean or the mountains, in the city or on a farm, bringing a bit of New England into your kitchen is easily achieved. 

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The Northern Quahog | Up Close

The Northern Quahog | Up Close The deep waters of the open ocean are too salty for the northern quahog’s comfort, so these hard-shelled clams live buried in the sandy bottoms of estuaries along the Atlantic coast. They’re most prevalent between Cape Cod and New Jersey, with Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay a prime source. Ever […]

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Marshmallow Fluff | Infographic

You know it’s white, sticky and delicious, but did you also know that Marshmallow Fluff has less sugar than jelly or jam? Find out more fun facts about Marshmallow Fluff! Delivered Daily: The Latest in Food, Travel, and Living in New England Get the newsletter curated by the editors at Yankee Magazine! Email(Required) Note: Susan […]

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A Select Guide to Fixers Around New England

Looking for someone who can repair a cherished possession? Use this guide to fixers around New England. QUILTS Betsey Telford-Goodwin stocks fabrics dating back to 1780, so there’s a decent chance of matching materials when restoring heirlooms and antiques. Everyday quilts in need of TLC are welcomed here, too. Rocky Mountain Quilts, York, ME. 207-363-6800; […]