Fig Newtons | New England By the Numbers

Did you know that Fig Newtons has its own day? Find out when it is and learn more trivia about Nabisco’s popular bar.

By Deborah Despres

Mar 27 2014


The Fig Newton

Photo Credit : Duckycards/Istockphoto
The Fig Newton
The Fig Newton
Photo Credit : Duckycards/Istockphoto

January date known to snack enthusiasts as National Fig Newton Day

number of years Fig Newtons were called “cakes”—not marketed as “cookies” until 1982

year Kennedy Biscuit Co. (now Nabisco) of Cambridge, MA, began producing the fig-filled confection

base monthly rent to live amid baking history today: an 862-square-foot Cambridge loft, once home to Kennedy Biscuit Co.

length in inches of the cookie served at the 1991 centennial celebration in Newton, MA—the city for which the cookie is named

number of product versions available today under the Newtons brand

Fig Newtons consumed on March 26, 2005, by Martin Tighe of Attleboro, Mass., to fuel his Guinness World Record for most miles (85.83) run on a treadmill over 12 hours

New Englanders’ ranking among the nation’s consumers of Newtons cookies

year “Fig” is dropped from the brand name; free of the laxative/geriatric undertone of “Fig,” sales of Newtons are energized

years after they came into production, Newtons remain a top 10 seller among Nabisco cookies