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Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters

A small but beloved group of New England drive-in theaters offer nostalgic summer fun. From Maine to Rhode Island, here’s where to find them!

By Chris Burnett

Jul 17 2020

Please note that businesses throughout New England have been closed or are operating under modified conditions in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Please travel responsibly, and check with state guidelines and individual businesses before making travel plans.
Love an old-fashioned dose of summer nostalgia? Our guide to New England Drive-In Theaters is perfect for movie buffs.
Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters
The Yankee Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters
Picture this: It’s a warm summer’s night in New England. The fireflies and stars light up the sky and you’re sitting in your American-made automobile with your arm around your sweetheart, enjoying a hot dog from the snack bar and watching that new summer flick on the big screen. It’s that classic summer drive-in movie scene… But what year is it? 1956? 1998? Nope! It’s right now! Once a popular source of summertime entertainment found all over America, the drive-in movie theater is now a dying breed. The ability to stream movies on the internet and the costly conversion from analog to digital projection has doomed many drive-ins in recent years. Despite these setbacks, several New England drive-in theaters have managed to stick around and are still going strong this summer.

Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters

Below, we’ve compiled a list of New England drive-in theaters that are among those surviving locations. Enjoy a piece of American history and visit one this summer! Note:The drive-in movie business can be tough, and seasons (not to mention the theaters themselves) are subject to close with little notice. Always call or email before planning a visit.
New England Drive In Theaters
The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre in Massachusetts | Guide to New England Drive-In Theaters
Photo Credit : Ian Aldrich

Connecticut Drive-In Theaters

Pleasant Valley Drive-In Theater | Barkhamsted

Open weekends from spring to fall, Pleasant Valley Drive-In Theater’s single screen and concession stand offer a classic experience.

Mansfield Drive-In Theatre & Marketplace | Mansfield

In addition to showing the summer’s best blockbusters on its three outdoor screens, the Mansfield Drive-In also hosts a huge flea market on the weekends.

Southington Drive-In | Southington

What makes the Southington Drive-In particularly unique is that it’s owned by the town of Southington itself. This allows the theater to put on movie screenings sponsored by organizations from the area, making it a great source of summer entertainment for the community.

Maine Drive-In Theaters

Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre | Bridgton

The Bridgton Twin Drive-In’s two screens show both classics and new hits all summer long at a very reasonable price.

Bangor Drive-In | Hermon

Reopened in 2015 after a 30-year hiatus, the Bangor Drive-In offers the latest summer movies and a comprehensive snack bar

The Saco Drive-In | Saco

One of the most well-known New England drive-in theaters, the Saco Drive-In, with its single screen and accompanying snack bar, is a classic summer drive-in experience at a great price.

Skylite Drive-In | Madawaska

Built in 1973, the Skylite Drive-In is Maine’s only operating drive-in theater north of Bangor. Shows start at dusk and there’s a concession stand to keep you satisfied during the show.

Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre | Skowhegan

This central Maine drive-in theater and concession booth are open weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Massachusetts Drive-In Theaters

Leicester Triple Drive-In | Leicester

The Leicester Tripple Drive-In opened in the late 1960s and has done its best to maintain that old-fashioned atmosphere. The theater shows movies on its screens from May to August.

Mendon Twin Drive-In | Mendon

The Mendon Twin Drive-In shows beloved classics and the summer’s latest hits on its two screens. It also offers a comprehensive snack bar.

Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre | Wellfleet

As the only drive-in theater on Cape Cod, the Wellfleet Drive-In draws great summer crowds. Take advantage of its snack bar and playground before the movie begins!

New Hampshire Drive-In Theaters

Northfield Drive-In | Hinsdale

Situated on the NH-MA border, the Northfield Drive-In is a great place to catch the latest blockbuster and enjoy a warm summer’s night.

Weirs Drive-In Theater | Laconia

The Weirs Drive-In Theater boasts an impressive four screens and a snack bar.

Milford Drive-In | Milford

The Milford Drive-In’s two screens show double features all summer long and their snack bar offers all the classic drive-in fare.

Rhode Island Drive-In Theaters

Rustic Tri Vue Drive-In | North Smithfield

As Rhode Island’s sole surviving drive-in, the Rustic Tri Vue Drive-In is a remnant of the 1950s, though its three screens and projection systems are fully up-to-date.

Vermont Drive-In Theaters

Sunset Drive-In | Colchester

The four massive screens of the Sunset Drive-In are put to good use in the summer when hundreds of people come to enjoy the latest blockbuster, a round of mini-golf, and a concession stand.

Fairlee Motel & Drive-In Theater | Fairlee

As its name makes clear, The Fairlee Motel & Drive-In Theater is the definition of convenience. The movie screens, located directly behind the motel, can be watched from the comfort of your own motel room. Guests not staying at the motel are also welcome to drive in with their vehicles.

Bethel Drive-In | Bethel

Established in 1954, the Bethel Drive-In now offers a digital drive-in experience.  Do you have memories of a favorite New England drive-in movie theater? This post was first published in 2016 and has been updated. 

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