Our Land, Our Sea, Our Future

A special report on the New England environment: where we are … and where we’re headed.

By Yankee Magazine

Feb 22 2018

Photo Credit : C.J. Burton

///Rising Seas

New England was built on the coast. Its fate will depend upon how well we adapt to a future that can no longer be denied.By Howard Mansfield

///Two Voices, One Message

As Vermont scholars from very different eras, George Perkins Marsh and Bill McKibben share common ground in trying to save the planet.By Leath Tonino and Richard Conniff

///Green Milestones

A look at some of New England’s most memorable contributions to the conservation movement, from Walden to Project Puffin.

///Ghosts of the Northern Forest

From the heart of moose country, a story about who wins and who loses in our rapidly changing climate.By Cheryl Lyn Dybas

///Beyond Beauty

Nature photographer Jerry Monkman creates art that’s also a call to action.