Mike Birbiglia | Uncommon Sense

Witty and wise words from Massachusetts native son Mike Birbiglia.

By Yankee Magazine

Apr 06 2020

Photo Credit : Sasha Israel

“Comedy is tragedy plus time, but the time is different for everybody.”

Mike Birbiglia(born June 20, 1978, in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts). By the time he was 30, this comedian, actor, and author had survived cancer, a car accident, and a fall from a second-story window, all of which have become part of his comic storytelling. Birbiglia’s latest challenge: becoming a parent, which he describes in his newest Netflix special “The New One.” His book of the same title is scheduled to debut May 5, meaning it’s likely to show up on the reading lists of other hapless new dads this Father’s Day (June 21).