Valentine’s Day Plants

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Go beyond roses this year, and give Valentine’s Day plants that will last, send a message, and are as unique and special as the recipient.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated just as much — if not more — during the Victorian era when feelings were conveyed through the meanings and messages of flowers and plants. Today these meanings have been largely forgotten. What better time to reintroduce a bit of this romantic tradition to the one you love? A live plant or miniature garden is a personalized gift that’s laced with meaning. Be sure to include a note card explaining what the plants and flowers represent along with the floral valentine.




A potted orchid is a perfect plant to give for Valentine’s Day, as these delicate flowers are simple, elegant and exotic. Orchids come in a variety of colors such as white, purple, pink, yellow, and striped;  and they convey love, beauty, endurance and strength.


Succulent Dish Garden

Succulent Dish Garden

Cactus and Succulent Dish Gardens
Celebrate your friendship this Valentine’s Day by presenting a cactus or succulent dish garden to your best buddy. These plants represent endurance and longevity and are visually interesting and easy to maintain.

Dwarf Pussy Willow
A great valentine for a new mother or mother to be is a dwarf pussy willow tree. Pussy willows symbolize maternity and motherhood. If the new baby is a girl, tie a pink bow around the container and a blue bow if the child is a boy. Give two plants to the mother if she has twins. Pussy Willow trees may be kept inside until the danger of a frost has passed and then transplanted outside and enjoyed for years to come.



Fragrance, soaps, sachets and body lotions scented with lavender are a luxurious way to express your love. Purity and sentiment are the meanings of lavender.

Small houseplants such as peace lilies are a casual way to send valentine greetings to those you want to acknowledge on Valentine’s Day. Peace lilies represent just that—peace. Plants with small flowers represent loyalty, while plants with just foliage such as ferns and bamboo represent good fortune. Presenting houseplants in a bright red pot with a bow or a heart shaped planter add to the festive appeal.

Birth Flower
The gift of a plant that represents your valentine’s birth month is a sure win, and a sentimental way to say I love you.

Birth Flowers by Month
January: Carnation or Snowdrop
February: Violet or Primrose
March: Jonquil, Daffodil or Narcissus
April: Sweet pea or Daisy
May: Lily of the Valley
June: Rose
July: Water Lily
August: Gladiolus
September: Aster
October: Marigold
November: Chrysanthemum
December: Narcissus

Once you have decided upon the Valentine’s Day plants or flowers you want to give, choose colors that properly convey the message you want to send.

Color Representation in Flowering Plants
Red: Love
Pink: Sweetness
Yellow: Friendship
Crimson: Respect
White: Purity
Orange: Eternal Life
Purple: Modesty

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    Thanks Shelley! These are wonderful live plant ideas. One more favorite of ours is The TickleMe Plant Valentines Day Gift Box. TickleMe Plants are guaranteed to tickle the hearts of the ones you love. This plant is the only plant that will react to your affections. Caress it or blow it a kiss and you will watch each leaf and branch move in response. Just search TickleMe Plant to see a live plant in action.

  • This is awesome especially the image of orchid .I enjoyed reading each and every word of your article.Great work !


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