Call of the Coast | A Celebration of the New England Shoreline

Whether you want to explore hidden-gem seaside towns, embark on a best-ever coastal bike ride, or taste-test your way through our top 25 seafood shacks, here’s all the inspiration you need to head to the water’s edge.

By Yankee Magazine

May 02 2022


Stonington Harbor, CT

Photo Credit : Cate Brown
Call of the Coast
Photo Credit : Illustration by John S. Dykes
Water tends to take its sweet time when transforming the landscape, carving cliffs and canyons to over the slow roll of millennia. Good thing when it comes to transforming us humans, water can do its thing in the span of a few blissful days on the New England coast. Feasting on lobster rolls, wandering through seaside villages, biking with the mighty Atlantic at your elbow – these are the kinds of things that can change your outlook in an instant and create memories that last a lifetime. So read on for our guide to the best of the coast, get inspired, and let the water do its work.

The Joy of Seafood Shacks

Quiet Coastal Towns

Oceanside Overnights

Two-Wheeling by the Sea

Beach Living 101