Amaryllis, Sprouts, Bird Feeders and More | 5 Indoor Winter Gardening Projects

From forcing amaryllis bulbs and growing sprouts to making your own bird feeders, we love these 5 indoor winter gardening projects.

By Shelley Wigglesworth

Jan 14 2017


Make Homemade Bird Feeders in February | Winter Gardening Projects

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Think you’ll never make to spring? Gardening in New England does not have to stop when the frost hits. From forcing amaryllis bulbs to bloom to growing your own nutritious sprouts, there are plenty of indoor winter gardening projects to sustain die-hard gardeners throughout the frigid winter months until the earth thaws in the spring. Here are 5 fun ideas (one per month) to sustain you from January through May.


Winter Gardening
Force bulbs in January | Winter Gardening Projects
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January | Force Bulbs

Who says winter gardening has to be done outdoors? January is a popular time to force bulbs indoors, with amaryllis being a beautiful and festive new year favorite.

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February | Homemade Bird Feeders

Birds are beneficial to gardens year round and bird watching is a popular activity among gardeners, so we definitely consider the addition of bird feeders to your yard as a winter gardening project. Here are 5 simple ways to make inexpensive, up-cycled bird feeders from recycled and repurposed household items.

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Winter Gardening
Homemade Bird Feeders | Winter Gardening Ideas
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March | Grow Fresh Sprouts

You don’t need soil to grow these healthy green goodies year round. With just three simple ingredients (a mason jar, water, and sprout seeds) you can enjoy crunchy, nutritious sprouts on your table year round. 

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April | Make a Miniature Terrarium

What could be better than your own table top, personalized, encapsulated bit of eternal spring at home or in your work space to enjoy?

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Winter Gardening
Grow Fresh Sprouts in March | Winter Gardening Projects
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May | Seed Tape Rolls

Our final project, quite naturally, is one that helps you prepare for spring. Gardeners begin to get itchy in May – why not plan and prepare your summer garden seeds now by making seed tape rolls? 

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Do you have a favorite indoor winter gardening project? Let us know!