Wayne Worcester

Whipple’s Winter Wonderland
New England

Whipple’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Light Display in Killingly, CT | Yankee Classic

Remembering a New England Christmas lights legend — Mervin R. Whipple, creator of Whipple’s Winter Wonderland in Killingly, Connecticut.

Connecticut Tornado Spread

Connecticut Tornado of 1989

Yankee Classic: July 1990 The dogs knew first. Ivan and Merle, Charles and Mable Besozzi’s two big, black English retrievers, had been restless all the day of July 10, 1989. “The dogs never settled down,” Mrs. Besozzi said, “and they’re very gentle and very smart. They sensed something.” By late afternoon Ivan and Merle were […]

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Foliage Driving Tour

I REALIZE THAT some travelers think of Rhode Island as a tangle of highway blocking easy access to somewhere else. I say give them a map and bid them Godspeed. I know this small and unruly state, and I can tell you for a fact that it affords more opportunities for easy enjoyment than any […]