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Spring Weekend in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts | Weekend Away

These history-rich neighbors in the Boston suburbs have an appeal that always feels up to date.

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City of Hope | Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine, is home to a remarkable number of African immigrants—some 6,000 in all. And even amid the nation’s uncertain new political climate, they remain dedicated to building their lives in the old mill town they helped bring back from the brink.

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Rhode Island: Best Ocean Swmming in Fall

The beach was almost empty, so we didn’t have to look hard to find the perfect spot — far enough back that the sand was soft, yet close enough that we could feel the breeze. A couple was playing Frisbee, and a teenager was skim-boarding near the ocean’s edge. My daughter shucked her clothes and […]

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Retreat Yourself

Whether your interest is an individual silent retreat or a group program or workshop, spiritual centers around New England offer numerous options. Here are several additional places to nourish your soul.