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Oyster Guide | New England Oysters

Our New England oyster guide will help you find the best oysters to suit your needs and please your taste buds.

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Comfort Food and Family in Vermont

Heath Robbins makes his living as a photographer. He is the man we turn to (as do many national magazines) when we need to capture people and food in natural settings. So when we asked him to turn his camera on his own family and the meals they prepare, he headed straight to his parents’ […]

Cooking Advice

VIDEO: Corned Beef and Cabbage

This corned beef has a twist that may make you wish it was St. Patrick’s Day more than once a year. If you don’t like boiled vegetables, try roasting them instead, says Yankee food editor Annie B. Copps. RECIPE: Annie’s Corned Beef and Cabbage

Yankee Magazine

How to Season a Cast-Iron Pan | Yankee Kitchen

I finally received the cast-iron pan I’ve been asking for! However, it’s silver-gray, and food sticks to it. How do I get the deep black color and smooth texture of other cast-iron pans? Do I have to season my new cast-iron pan? Lucky you. A good cast-iron pan will last generations and is one of […]

Yankee Magazine

What is Corked Wine? | Yankee Kitchen

What is corked wine? How will I know if a bottle has gone bad? Is corked wine dangerous to drink? Once you have tasted or smelled a wine that is corked, it’s distinct wet cardboard odor and taste will not be forgotten. This flaw has nothing to do with the original quality of the wine. […]

Parker House Rolls
Yankee Magazine

New England Breads

A collection of favorite New England breads, including Anadama, Parker House Rolls, Whole Wheat, and No-Knead. A loaf of bread, a glass of wine … yes, satisfying things. But more satisfying is when you let life slow down (just a little bit) and you make the bread yourself. The overall time from start to finish […]

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