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Expert Home Advice | June 2016

House care answers from the largest heritage organization in the country.

My 18th-century house has a bake oven in the kitchen hearth that I would like to be able to use. Is this safe?
-Jenn F., Newport, RI

By the mid-18th century, the standard bake oven in a kitchen hearth had moved from

Snow’s Clam Chowder | New England Brands


Snow’s Clam Chowder | New England Brands

Craving clam chowder but short on time? Since 1920, Snow’s Clam Chowder has been a favorite New England quick chowder tradition.
Here in New England, we’re passionate about homemade clam chowder, but for times when (for convenience’s sake) we must resort to canned, a popular brand with local Maine roots is Snow’s


A Perfect Summer Drive – Litchfield, CT

Enjoy this 56-mile loop through northwest Connecticut
Yankee Magazine’s driving tour of Litchfield County in the northwest corner of
Connecticut follows a 56-mile tour in a counter-clockwise direction, beginning
in the town of Litchfield. Read the article from the May/June 2007 issue.
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