Norman Rockwell Trivia | New England By The Numbers

Did you know that it took an average of twenty-one days for Norman Rockwell to complete a painting? Learn more tidbits and Norman Rockwell trivia.

By Julia Shipley

Jun 01 2016


Norman Rockwell’s Studio

Photo Credit : Lori Pedrick
Norman Rockwell's Studio
Norman Rockwell’s Studio in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
Photo Credit : Lori Pedrick


100Years ago: Norman Rockwell’s first cover painting for the Saturday Evening Post, appearing May 20, 1916

322Number of covers Rockwell painted for the Saturday Evening Post

20,000Number of fan letters archived at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Mass.

4Freedoms Rockwell depicted in his famous series (from fear, from want, of speech, of worship)

$133,000,000 Raised for war bonds during an exhibition of the Four Freedoms paintings

$3,500Rockwell’s Post fee for Saying Grace in 1951

22Rockwell’s age when hepublished his first cover for the Saturday Evening Post

4000Known artworks created by Norman Rockwell in his lifetime

998 Number of original paintings in the Rockwell Museum, site of the artist’s last studio

SeventeenNumber of studios Rockwell used (not including temporary studios)

Twenty-oneAverage number of days Rockwell needed to complete a painting

$46 million2013 Rockwell record sale price of Saying Grace


Tour of Norman Rockwell’s Studio in Stockbridge, MAVisit to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and the Norman Rockwell Museum