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Moose in Maine │ Where You Can Find Them

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Do you know where the best spots are to spot a moose? This driving tour gives you five chances to find moose in Maine.

The moose is one of the most magnificent and memorable mammals you might meet in Maine. We asked Maine moose experts to tell us the best spots to find moose in the wild and they put together this list of places in northern Maine where you’ll have the best chance of seeing one. Take a weekend to follow this driving tour and you’re almost guaranteed to meet a moose.

Moose in Maine

Like Father, Like Son – Moose in Maine

Richard Seeley

Courtesy of Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, Greenville, ME. 888-876-2778, 207-695-2702; www.mooseheadlake.org

1. Take a scenic drive to Kokadjo, a small community north of Greenville. Stay on Lily Bay Road for approximately 20 miles and keep your eyes open for moose along the way.

2. If you’ve gotten to Kokadjo and still haven’t had your fill of moose sightings, head to Lazy Tom Bog, just past Kokadjo. This bog is very popular with local moose.

3. Make a day of your moose watching by driving to Rockwood, a town north of Greenville on Route 15, where you can head over to Mt. Kineo by boat shuttle for some hiking or exploring.

4. Turn left on Depot Street from Greenville Junction to Shirley Mills. Go right in Shirley, through town onto the dirt road toward The Forks. This road may not be passable during winter and spring.

5. Take Route 15 South and look for moose between the upper and lower Shirley turn-offs in the bog area.

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  • You can generally find moose in the middle of U.S. 1 between Presque Isle and Limestone at 2 AM while doing about 65 mph.

  • Though the lady at the information station said we were driving through at the wrong time of day to see moose we did! We saw 5! One at each point mentioned in your article! Thanks for the good info!

  • Want to learn more about Moose Tourism In Maine, check out The Cozy Moose blog post category for Moose Watching at http://cozymoose.com/category/moose-watching/

    Learn about Moose Tourism in Greenville Maine and plan a moose watching vacation to the Moosehead Lake Region. Private guided tours, small group tours, and float plane tours venture into moose country. Book a guided tour or venture out on your own.

  • You can see a huge taxidermy moose on display in the New England Forests exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, MA. This impressive bull moose, which lived over a century ago, now dominates the woodland pond in the newly opened Harvard Museum of Natural History exhibition. Due, in part, to the reforestation of the region, moose are now found in every New England state. The museum, which was a Yankee Magazine, Editors’ choice for Best of New England 2010, is open daily 9-5 pm.

  • On route 4 heading to Rangeley Lake there is a DPW Depot on the side of the road. It’s within some swampy land and many people park here. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see a Moose. I saw my first one at this location.


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