VIDEO: Meetinghouses

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Photographer Paul Wainwright has been recording New England meetinghouses with large-format black-and-white photography since 2004, capturing their dual functions of church and town hall — and preserving the sense of history within their spaces. His book, A Space For Faith: The Colonial Meetinghouses of New England, is scheduled for release by Peter E. Randall Publisher in 2010.

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  • Helyn

    My husband I and were married in 1987 at the Sandown Old Meeting House. It was lovely just the way it was and we even had an organist play the old pump organ. Thanks for the pictures.

  • I so enjoyed these images & even have recognized one or two..particularly Star Island. I grew up in Mass. & attended a few of meeting houses like this as a young Unitarian /Universalist& worked a couple of summers in Star as a ‘Pelican’. I did a painting of the meeting house on Star from a friend’s photo which is on my website. http://www.lindaholmesart.com
    I now live in St.Augustine , Fl. so I’m far away these special places, but would love to do more paintings of them.

    thanks for sharing these wonderful places!
    Linda Holmes


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