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Mashed Potatoes: Easy Does It

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Everyone loves mashed potatoes, right? But how many of us love our own mashed potatoes? Whether they’re too lumpy or too soggy, or we like the taste but they’re laden with butter, sour cream, and milk, there’s always room for improvement.

Potatoes are greedy little things, and they’ll take as many rich additives as you offer them, but here’s a recipe that’ll keep things simple and balanced. One key to light and fluffy potatoes is to get rid of the excess moisture — so read the recipe steps carefully and you’ll breathe new life into an old favorite.

  • my grandparents were Irish immigrants. Perhaps thats why all things that begin with the word “potato” sound so good to me! Can’t wait to try all these delicious sounding recipes!!

  • Bonnie A.

    Bring a 3 oz block of cream cheese to room temperature and cut into 1/2 ” dice. Mash into potatoes with the cream and butter for the ultimate in smooth, rich, and delicious mashed potatoes.

  • Jeanine V.

    My daughter makes a colcannon potato dish and adds cheddar cheese. Wonderful dish!!!

  • Edward D.

    I love potatoes in any shape or form. Here is an add in to mashed that my family and I particularly like. When adding the cream and butter, as in the basic recipe above, add 2tbs butter milk powder.

  • Adding sour cream in lew of a bit of the milk along with or without a tsp or so of Dry Ranch Dressing is also a plus.

  • jeanne m.

    Haven’t tried the potatoes yet, but I love Yankee Magazine and all it has to offer. Will let you know how I enjoy the “addtions” to my simple-mashed-potatoes……..many thanks!

  • You want the best mashed potatoes try adding a Tablespoon of mayo. Nice taste and makes is fluffer. Really enjoy your magazine. Of course I’m a Maine Yankee. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Claudia K.

    Adding flavored cream cheese (for example garlic or chive) and whipping into the basic mashed potatoes is a tasty dish.

  • Laura R.

    My favorite potato fix is mashed garlic and plain yogurt. A few dashes of seasoned salt whipped in tops it off well, and there are fewer calories than all the butter and cream!

  • Dorothy D.

    I absolutely loved potatoes before I married an Irishman. My German mother-in-law introduced me to potatoes and rutabaga which was served with her German style pot roast (with cider vinegar). Both were cooked separately until fork tender then mashed together without adding any liquid – not even milk. Just lots of butter, salt and pepper. I learned to love turnips this way. And I make potato patties with leftover mashed potatoes. I fry them in bacon fat or butter until they are nicely browned on each side. Yep, high fat content.


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