Yankee‘s 20 Best Photos of 2022

A look back at some of the most memorable images from the past year.

By Heather Marcus

Jan 17 2023


Acclaimed photographer Richard Schultz documented the coastline of his home state over the course of last summer including this moment with surfer John Cranshaw at Ruggles Beach in Newport, Rhode Island. (“Ocean State Odyssey,” May/June)

Photo Credit : Richard Schultz

Yankee is fortunate to have so many talented photographers in New England to call upon for its varied stories. It is always an honor to look back on the year and revisit all of the work that goes into each issue.  Among the best photo essays from this past year are Richard Schultz’s take on his small home state of Rhode Island (“Ocean State Odyssey”) and Caleb Kenna’s bird’s-eye view of the Vermont landscape (“Scene from Above”). Other standouts include Ari Kellerman’s still lifes (“A Historical Romance”), Tristan Spinski’s documentary approach to the potato harvest in Aroostook County (“Lessons of the Field”), and Greta Rybus’s winter visit to a Maine backcountry lodge (“Winter Weekend”).

As photo editor, I’m thrilled that Yankee continues to tell such wonderful stories of New England through both compelling words and unforgettable visuals. And while it’s always difficult to narrow down a full year of work, we’ve put together a collection of 20 favorite photographs from 2022 that represent the excellence of the whole — and we hope you’ll click through to the original story to read (and see) more.

Caleb Kenna has fine-tuned his craft over the years capturing unique perspectives in his home state of Vermont including this beautiful spring view in Shoreham. (“Scene from Above,” July/August)
Photographer Michael Piazza and food stylist Liz Neily captured this artful photo of littleneck clams in Liz’s Vermont studio. (“In the Thick of It,” January/February)
The lunar-like landscape along the famed Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire as captured by Chris Bennett. (“Higher Calling,” September/October)
Photographer Adam DeTour and food stylist Chantal Lambeth‘s use of angles and color and light made our food awards shine this year. Shown here is a classic clambake from Woodman’s of Essex, chosen by senior food editor Amy Traverso. (“Food Awards,” November/December)
Architectural photographer Hassan Bagheri captured the iconic Superman Building in Providence, Rhode Island, in black and white for Rachel Slade’s piece. (“The High-Rise Cliffhanger,” July/August)
This image of Snow Cone with her calf from NOAA’s photo collection opened our piece about endangered right whales. (“Collision Course,” September/October)
The beauty of the soft pinks of the winter sky in Maine as captured by contributor Greta Rybus. (“Weekend at Little Lyford,” January/February)
The light and composition of Ari Kellerman‘s still life looks like a classic Dutch painting. (“Historical Romance,” January/February)
The subtle colors and autumn sunlight along Ocean Drive in Acadia National Park as composed by Tara Rice. (“Maine Fall Weekend,” September/October)
Classic deli foods presented by photographer Michael Piazza and food stylist Catrine Kelty made for a delicious opening spread in our food feature. Photographed on location at Mameleh’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (“Long Live the Deli,” March/April)
Photographer Linda Campos and stylist Korey Seney composed this classic Cape Cod scene at Chatham Bars Inn in Massachusetts. (“Beach, Blanket…Bingo,” May/June)
Photographer Joe Keller and stylist Karin Lidbeck-Brent found inspiration in this bathroom anchored by a striking clawfoot tub and antique finds in Dana Paradis’s Cape Cod home. (“Old House, New Life,” March/April)
An aerial view of the Experimental Hot Air Balloon Festival in Post Mills, Vermont, photographed by Corey Hendrickson for senior features editor Ian Aldrich’s story. (“The Balloonist,” January/February)
Maine photographer Tristan Spinski documented the beauty and work of the annual potato harvest far north in Aroostook County. (“Lessons of the Field,” September/October)
Jim Westphalen‘s fine-art approach to the rural landscape in Charlotte, Vermont, accompanied Castle Freeman’s essay. (“Winter Sun,” January/February)
Photographer Michael D. Wilson and food stylist Chantal Lambeth made a perfect mess for our opening image with homemade scoops of maple walnut ice cream from Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar in Massachusetts. (“Get the Scoop,” July/August)
Photographer Corey Hendrickson spent a week chasing color and capturing scenes along Route 7 in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont — including this stop in Rutland, Vermont, with his father’s borrowed Mini Cooper — for writer Alana Chernila’s journey. (“The Magnificent 7,” September/October)
Allison Trentelman captures the beauty and magic of the natural world in her photo “Droplets” for writer Rowan Jacobsen’s essay. (“The Ephemerals,” March/April)
Michael D. Wilson found a unique perspective on downtown from the inside of Joanna Kelly’s coffee shop, Cup of Jo, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (“Holiday Winter Weekend,” November/December)


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