The Best Lighthouses in New England

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We’ve selected the five best lighthouses in New England using Jon Marcus’ comprehensive list from his book Lighthouses of New England, which covers everything from the most stunning to the most haunted beacons found anywhere in the world.

The Best Lighthouses in New England

Gay Head Light in Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts | The Best Lighthouses in New England

Judith Secco

Best Scenic Lighthouse | Gay Head Light – Aquinnah, MA

On the western end of Martha’s Vineyard, visitors are allowed into the red-brick lantern tower, where they can watch the two lights rotate–and take in extraordinary sunsets over the Aquinnah Cliffs and surf below. 508-627-4441; gayheadlight.org.

The Best Lighthouses in New England

Stonington Harbor Light in Stonington Point, CT | The Best Lighthouses in New England

The Stonington Historical Society

Best Lighthouse for History Plus a View | Stonington Harbor Light – Stonington Point, CT

In the darkest days of the War of 1812, five British warships lined up off the coast of Stonington, Connecticut, and attacked the town. The bombardment is commemorated at the site’s Old Lighthouse Museum insideThe vista here is a bonus: From the octagonal tower of this granite lighthouse are views of three states: New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 860-535-1440; stoningtonhistory.org

The Best Lighthouses in New England

Seguin Island Light in Popham, Maine | The Best Lighthouses in New England

Seguin Island Light

Most Haunted Lighthouse | Seguin Island Light – Popham, ME

In the mid-1800s, one keeper’s wife couldn’t stand living at this desolate station. To appease her, he arranged to buy a player piano. When it arrived, however, there was only one piece of music, and she played it over and over for hours at a time. Driven mad, the keeper strangled his wife and took an axe to the piano. Now witnesses say that at night they can hear a phantom piano playing from the lighthouse. 207-443-4808; seguinisland.org

Naturally Iconic Lighthouse | Petit Manan Light – Petit Manan Island, ME

The most extraordinary natural lighthouse setting is the 3,335-acre Maine Coastal Islands which includes Petit Manan Island, famous for its colony of puffins and its nesting birds, including Arctic terns. 207-546-2124; fws.gov/refuge/maine_coastal_islands

The Best Lighthouses in New England

Nubble Light in York Beach, Maine The Best Lighthouses in New England

Most Widely Traveled Lighthouse | Nubble Light – York Beach, ME

So archetypal is Cape Neddick (“the Nubble”) Light off York Beach, Maine, that a photo of it was launched, along with other artifacts, aboard the Voyager II spacecraft in 1977. But space scientists weren’t the first to recognize the value of its appeal. One entrepreneurial keeper in the early 20th century ferried as many as 300 visitors a day to the lighthouse for 10 cents apiece. For a nickel more, his wife would give them tours. They were fired for neglecting the light. 207-363-1040; nubblelight.org


What are your picks for the best lighthouses in New England?

  • Absolutely!!! The most beautiful place on earth, and not even a mention?

  • I’ve been to Nubble and I love visiting, but Portland head, to me, is the most beautiful. My favorite (for the nostalgia factor) is Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, ME. Many happy hours spent there climbing the rocks, family picnics, winter hikes in the woods. I went there as a child; later with my son; still later in the dead of winter, alone with my dog. One day I hope I’ll be able to get my grandchildren up there.

  • Margarett

    THE MOST BEAUTIFUL.. AND ..THE MOST SPECTACULAR ..is WEST QUODDY HEAD LIGHT IN LUBEC , MAINE..OVER THE RISE IN THE ROAD SURROUNDED BY TOWERING PINE TREES IS AN OPENING BEFORE YOU . And is truly breathtaking …thIS ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR SIGHTS IN THE WORLD…the ocean stretching for miles by this incredible lighthouse and old Lightkeepers cottag(now an accessible visitor center) in front.THIS IS A SIGHT THAT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET….

  • Dorothy

    Nubble Light is my favorite. It brings back so many happy childhood memories of vacations in York Beach in the 1930s and 40s. All lighthouses are unique and have their wonderful historical stories.

  • Our favorite is also Portland Head, with Nubble a close second. Maine lights have a “WOW” factor that does not exist in other states with lighthouses. But all of them are treasures and should all be saved for future generations.

  • We enjoyed (?) walking out to the Rockland lighthouse (3/4 mile).
    However, we were disappointed that there were no souvenirs (I walked the breakwater at Rockland!) waiting for us there at either end!!

  • My favorite lighthouse is Portland Head. I live is Texas now and miss seeing all the Maine lights. I have pictures and Harbor Lights in my home


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