Remembering Tim Clark

5 essential stories by the late, much-loved writer for Yankee and The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

By Yankee Staff

Apr 18 2022

Tim Clark photo

Writer, editor, poet, playwright, and teacher, TIm Clark passed away in late 2021 at age 71.

Photo Credit : Jarrod McCabe

In his tribute to his late colleague Tim Clark in the July/August issue of Yankee, editor Mel Allen writes, “Tim and I were young together when we came to Yankee in the 1970s under the watch of our editor Jud Hale. Jud loved story explorers—and no one fit that description more than Tim.”

Tim wrote poems, stories, essays, and articles throughout his lifetime. He was a writer and editor at Yankee for 23 years, as well as part of The Old Farmers’ Almanac for 40 years, making his byline well known to longtime readers of both publications.

Writer, editor, poet, playwright, and teacher, Tim Clark passed away in late 2021 at age 71.
Photo Credit : Jarrod McCabe

Tim’s writing could make you laugh, or cry, or feel wonder. Here are a few of our favorites from the Yankee archives:

“Collecting Mermaids’ Tears,” August 1986: An eloquent contemplation on the beauty of sea glass.

“The Buffalo Bay Bounce,” July/August 2020: Tim’s memoir about his family’s longtime summer home on the Connecticut coast.

“The Believer,” June 1986. An unforgettable profile of Joseph Zarzynski, a die-hard investigator of the Lake Champlain Monster.

“Christa’s Shadow,” June 1986. Revisiting the tragic loss of Christa McAuliffe in the Challenger disaster through the eyes of a reporter at her hometown newspaper.

“Thanksgiving Day Guest List,” an excerpt from “We Gather Together,” November 1993. A showcase of Tim’s talents for humor and poetry, focused on famous New Englanders — living and dead, real and fictitious — gathered for a Turkey Day feast.