Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

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Herbs are easily grown inside and make lovely kitchen centerpieces and windowsill plants. Small herb container gardens and topiaries are fun ways to showcase your edible plants, and you can’t beat the fragrance of fresh herbs growing inside during the dreary winter months.

Herbs on WindowsillInstructions to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

1. Choose herbs you use most frequently. Start the herbs from seed or purchase tiny pots of newly sprouted herbs from a garden center.

2. To grow herbs from scratch, simply follow the directions on the seed packet. Always use clean potting soil and provide bright light and adequate moisture for optimum growing conditions. The soil should be moist — but not wet — at all times.

3. Starting newly planted herb seeds with constant artificial light and/or a heat growing mat for the first few weeks will speed up the growing process significantly. Check on your newly planted seeds daily. If you use a plant growing light or a heat mat, make sure the soil doesn’t dry up between watering and misting.

4. For an instant herb garden, small containers of herbs are available at markets and nurseries. These can be planted in a grouping of similar herbs — such as rosemary, thyme and oregano — and placed in a bright sunny location in the kitchen for easy access when cooking.


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