Flowering Houseplants | 5 Favorite Varieties

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Flowering houseplants are a sure pick-me-up during the long, grey months of winter. Not only do they add a splash of color, but the subtle fragrance they emit can also brighten the mood of a home. People tend to avoid flowering houseplants because they fear that blooming plants may require special care and extra attention. And while some flowering house plants are indeed finicky, here are five varieties of flowering houseplants that are easy to grow, maintain and enjoy.


Oxalis triangularis is also know as the purple shamrock plant.

1. Oxalis or Shamrock Plant
It’s the deep purple triangular leaves of this plant that really set it apart from others. The leaves are shaped like shamrocks and accented by pink or white blossoms. A very popular choice for St. Patrick’s Day, these flowering houseplants can usually be found in abundance at grocery stores and nurseries from late February through March. Exposure to medium light and soil that is evenly moist will keep this plant healthy.

2. African Violets
Sometimes know as fusspots, African violets are most commonly found in varying shades of purple; however, some bloom in pink or white. These plants do best in warmer indoor rooms and prefer filtered sunlight.
Tip: Water with tepid water and avoiding getting getting the leaves wet to prevent brown spots. Keep soil moist, but be careful not to overwater.

3. Goldfish Plant
A great hanging plant, the flower on this plant resemble tiny goldfish. The flowers are not only fish shaped with a round abdomen and open mouth but they appear to be dangling at the end of the leaves as if on the end of a fishing pole. This fun plant can bloom throughout of the year when exposed to medium to bright light most of the day with soil kept damp.

4. Martha Washington Geranium
These plants differ from the traditional geraniums that can be seen thriving in flower boxes during summer. They bloom in dense clusters and have a more delicate structure, with color shades such as light purple that are not usually found in the outdoor variety. Slightly dry soil and bright light will keep these beautiful flowering houseplants happy.

5. Jasmine
Look for the houseplant variety and not the shrub or tree. These plants can be twisted around a small trellis or wire structure like ivy as the leaves are similar to ivy and have a delicate trailing quality. Light pink and white clusters of flowers resembling tiny tubes sprout from the tips. Like it’s outdoor relative, the blossoms are very fragrant. This plant prefers bright light and damp soil.


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