The 12 Best Places to Visit in New England For a Cozy Night Away

Join the editors of Yankee magazine as we explore the best getaways in New England, in the Yankee Places to Stay Collection.

Blanket and Mug by the Fire

Join the editors of Yankee magazine as we explore the best getaways in New England, in the Yankee Places to Stay Collection.

Of the hundreds of quaint inns throughout New England, there are some that stand out for their own special brand of hospitality. Whether it’s a handmade quilt, the perfect parlor, or a hot chocolate buffet, these inns fill New England winters with warmth and comfort. We can almost hear the crackling fireplace now…

One fireplace in Vermont, however, gives more than just the heat of a wood fire. The one-of-a-kind fireplace at this inn is built of brick, fieldstone, slate, and tree trunks. With this wow-factor fireplace, you may never want to leave this famed destination. And did we mention the fireplace is in your room?

Another Vermont destination offers comfort in the form of a whimsically hip library. Borrow a record to play on your in-room turntable, or rediscover the tactile pleasure of flipping pages and playing vintage board games. Grab a can of Vermont’s coveted Heady Topper and find a seat by the big windows to plan the rest of your vacation.

Breakfast in Bed

From artsy to folksy, take a moment at another one of our favorite cozy inns, located in Maine, to appreciate the hand-stitched artistry on your bed. The mesmerizing patterns and craftsmanship of these quilts may inspire you to head to the quilting shop in the property’s carriage house, where you’ll find new and heirloom finished quilts or supplies for starting your own project.

In Connecticut, though, you might not even want to get out of bed! This mansion-turned-luxury-boutique inn features king-sized Dux beds from Sweden, with mattresses contoured for wonderfully deep sleep, luxury bedding from a Massachusetts company, and lambswool-angora blankets that are soft as cashmere.

The good news, for vacationers who do want to stay in bed, is that breakfast is served in your room at this inn nestled on the shores of a lake in Maine. Take in the perfectly framed mountain scenery from the picture windows as you pour a mug of slow-roasted coffee and enjoy Bananas Foster French toast with local maple syrup.

You will want to get out of bed in Rhode Island, though, where an intimate spa awaits down the hall from your room at this inn. Farm-grown herbs, flowers, grains, and aromatic oils are just the beginning of a facial, massage, and saltwater soak that soothes body and spirit. By the light of a toasty fireplace, and a view of the ocean, your only job here is to melt into a state of utter relaxation.

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Cozy Bed in Log Cabin