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Make Vintage Postcard Ornaments | Holiday Crafts

Make vintage postcard ornaments and add a bit of old-fashioned charm to your Christmas tree.

By Christine Chitnis

Nov 19 2016

Vintage Postcard Ornaments
Vintage Postcard Ornaments add charm to your holiday decorating.

When I came home for the holidays, my mom showed me her latest craft—these lovely Christmas ornaments, made from vintage holiday postcards. I asked her to show me just how she made them so that I could share it here with you!

Search for vintage postcards in antique shops or online. Ebay and Etsy are good places to start.

Instructions to Make Vintage Postcard Ornaments

  • Find a vintage postcard, and cut the image to the size you desire.
  • Cut a piece of foam board to match, and glue the image on.
  • Pick a ribbon that is the width of the foam board, and glue it over the raw edge.
  • Frame the picture in rick-rack, gluing it in place.Using a thin piece of wire, poke holes through the top of the foam board, and thread the wire through, forming a hanger.
  • You can decorate with beads, if you desire.
  • Secure the hanger by twisting the ends with pliers.

That’s it! Have fun making your own vintage postcard ornaments.

This post was first published in 2011 and has been updated.