Naomi Kooker

New England

The Best Chowder in New England | 6 Picks (Plus Recipes!)

We scoured the region to find the best chowder in New England, from classic clam to creamy corn. Read on for the results (and recipes!).

Old-Fashioned Tapping Buckets Adorn Trees
Yankee Magazine

Making the Grade | Maple Sugar Production and Recipes

On a mild Sunday afternoon in March, the air outside Ben’s Sugar Shack in Temple, New Hampshire, carries the late-winter fragrance of burning wood and wet earth. Visitors arrive by car, glancing around at the lean Granite State landscape. Once they head inside the weathered pine building, though, the air is so humid it’s almost […]

Students in the Sterling College Kitchen
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A Place at Vermont’s Table

Growing up in a modest brick house in Detroit, Michigan, Anne Obelnicki dreamed about farms. “I knew I wanted to have a connection to the land,” she says. Today, all Obelnicki has to do is drive the few miles to work–past a working dairy farm and a field of rising cornstalks–to see her dream made […]