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Whoopie Pies
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Best Food in New England

Certainly a list of 25 foods at 25 places doesn’t do justice to the scores of fabulous eateries all over New England that still serve old-timey foods. What follows is intended to jump-start your own expeditions — to give New England’s newcomers an idea of what to look for and to prod longtime residents into […]

Yankee Magazine

Anthony’s Seafood

Anthony’s stuffies come in both mild and hot options: roasted peppers in the low-key version, cherry peppers in the spicier one. Both include a bit of chourico and a ton of chopped clams. 963 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown. 401-846-9620, 401-848-5058;

Yankee Magazine

Amaral’s Fish and Chips

For your basic stuffie, head to Amaral’s. This shop prides itself on letting the seafood shine through: delectable clams seasoned with onion, celery, and spices, crispy on the top from baking in a hot oven. 4 Redmond St., Warren. 401-247-0675;

Yankee Magazine

Stuffed Clams | Rhode Island Food Specialty

In Rhode Island, stuffed clams are a delicacy that can be catered to any taste, though the basic ingredients that make them “stuffies” always stay the same. Although you’ll find many versions of stuffed clams around New England, it’s only in Li’l Rhody that they’re called “stuffies,” and there are as many variations of them […]

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Cultural Neighborhoods of New England

From Armenian and Italian to Polish and Portuguese, New England is home to a variety of cultural neighborhoods. POLISH, Broad Street, New Britain, CT Within just a few blocks, you can eat lunch, shop for groceries, buy a loaf of bread, consult a lawyer, get a haircut, and do your banking, all in Polish. A […]

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Best Ethnic Food in New England

Food is such a great entryway to any country or ethnic group that I sometimes joke about saving the airfare and simply strolling the streets of a local Guatemalan neighborhood for baked goods in the morning. Or wandering through Asian markets for an afternoon vacation and lunch. Ethnic enclaves all over New England are teeming […]

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Summer Ethnic Food Festivals in New England

For a taste of something new, visit these summer ethnic food festivals in New England. Call ahead or check Web sites for the latest information on schedules and possible admission fees. La Kermesse Franco-Americaine St. Louis Field, jct. West & Prospect Sts. Biddeford, ME 207-282-2894, 207-468-3921 The largest Franco-American festival in New England highlights […]

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Looking for Real New England Food?

Eateries that offer old-fashioned New England foods can be as modest as a roadside diner or as fancy as a historic inn. The following are tried-and-true consumer-pleasing spots, whether the main attraction is boiled lobster, a thick bowl of fish chowder, a lobster pot pie, a blueberry pie, or Indian pudding. Connecticut The Silvermine Tavern […]

Farm Stand
Yankee Magazine

Favorite New England Farm Stands

Photo/Art by Brenda Darroch Seasons matter in New England, and the best harbinger is what’s available at your local farm stand. Farm stands come in many varieties and sizes, from apple orchards to year-round markets. The ones highlighted here are three- or four-season spots, with spring seedlings, summer veggies, fall fruits, and winter seafood. Most […]

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