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ice castle nh
New Hampshire

Exploring the New Hampshire Ice Castles

Visiting a real ice castle is a winter experience like no other. Here’s a look at our visit to the shimmering, glimmering New Hampshire ice castles, now located in North Woodstock.

Yankee Magazine

Influence Of The Harvard Five

Mac Patterson’s, crusade to pioneer a new kind of architecture is in keeping with New Canaan’s history of leading building-design trends: It was a center of the Midcentury Modern movement from the late 1940s through the 1960s, during which 80 such homes were built in town. It was the locus of the movement’s experimentation with […]


CLASSIC: Fireworks in Jaffrey, NH

Yankee Classic from July/August 2001 In a three-acre sandpit in front of Steve Pelkey, 11,000 live fireworks shells poke out of the grit like land mines. Most are stuffed into mortars, racks of them bolted onto flatbed trailers or strung together on the ground with wooden strapping in sets of three, four, six, and ten. […]

Christmas Tree Farm 2

Bethlehem, NH Christmas Trees | Yankee Classic

For many years and many reasons, travelers have been drawn to Bethlehem, New Hampshire. This quiet vale at the edge of the White Mountain National Forest once boasted dozens of resort hotels. Its pure mountain air gave rise to the National Hay Fever Relief Association. Signs proclaim it the poetry capital of the state. These […]