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Wake Up, Dig In | Best Breakfasts

We hit a favorite breakfast spot in each New England state to discover a surefire dish you can order there — or whip up at home.

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Sampling Simplicity | Off the Grid

A unique Maine getaway takes visitors completely off the grid. In a beautiful clearing in the woods, surrounded by a timber-frame house and rustic cabins, rests one of Maine’s most peaceful spots. Chickens cluck, pigs root for food, and an expansive garden slowly blooms. At the Deer Isle Hostel, hosts Dennis Carter and Anneli Carter-Sundqvist […]

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Portsmouth, NH: A Timeless Christmas

Christmases past and present blend seamlessly in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Walking along the brick sidewalks recently dusted with snow, it’s easy to picture the streets filled with horse-drawn buggies and carolers carrying lanterns.I love to walk along the Piscataqua River, past tugboats strung with Christmas lights. Prescott Park features views of the rushing river […]

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Bridget’s Favorite Salvage Shops

New England Demolition & Salvage This huge warehouse carries a section of antique furniture and trinkets as well as stained-glass windows, light fixtures, and dozens of doorknobs and hinges. The architectural elements can be hit-or-miss, but you’ll often find incredible staircases and intricately carved wood elements. The selection of doors is one of the best […]

Nut Wreath
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Make a Nut Wreath | Autumn Crafts

Nature’s autumn harvest is on elegant display when you craft a simple yet beautiful nut wreath. Here’s how, in four easy steps. From ancient times, nuts have symbolized hospitality and plenty in cultures around the world. Now our simple project lets you greet your guests and celebrate the season with nature’s own bounty. Start with […]

Seashell Planter
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Make a Seashell Planter | Inspired Ideas

Here’s a way to keep oceanside memories close even when you’re landlocked: Make a seashell planter using a terra-cotta garden pot. The materials are simple: just the pot, some sanded grout (available at craft stores such as Michaels and A.C. Moore) and hot glue, and the shells. For that last item, you can scour beaches […]

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Living Room Makeover: Home Projects

Project: Family Room Makeover Kerry Carter’s family room had started to overwhelm her. With three children and a full-time job, this Sudbury, Massachusetts, mom was too busy to figure out how to make the most-used area of the house really work. The piano had been shoved into a corner; built-in shelves were stuffed with games, […]