Bethany Bourgault & Taylor Thomas

December 1957

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1950s

As Yankee Magazine grew in the 1950s, Robb Sagendorph found himself being asked to speak for ceremonies and events. He loved to prank his audiences, and always brought with him a whimsical, quirky attitude. Some say his favorite prank was a wind-up moth that flew from the pages of books he would read from. He was really […]

April 1961

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1960s

The 1960s were no exception to Yankee Magazine‘s fast growing pattern, but the growth was starting to pose a burden on the staff’s outdated methods and equipment. Robb Sagendorph hired his son-in-law, Rob Trowbridge, a business-savvy lawyer to put things in order. Yankee‘s advertising department saw major growth in the 60s too. When Sagendorph sold ad […]

August 1970

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1970s

Like a true yankee, Robb Sagendorph died on Independence Day — July 4th of 1970. Before he lost his battle to cancer, he was sure to advise both Judson Hale and Rob Trowbridge against expanding Yankee Publishing Inc. Though this seemed unreasonable at the time, Sagendorph had his reasons. “Robb Sagendorph called Jud Hale and […]

July 1983

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1980s

The 1980s were an exciting era for Yankee‘s designers — all issues would henceforth be printed in full color. In 1982, Yankee ran out of space to publish all of the Christmas cookie recipes of “40 ladies who for 11 years had gotten together to swop cookies and treasured family cookie recipes.” So, they published instead […]

October 1992

Yankee Magazine Covers | 1990s

The future looked bright for Yankee Publishing in the 1990s. It launched its first website,, in 1995, and was nominated twice as a finalist in the National City and Regional Magazine Awards’ category for General Excellence. Jamie Trowbridge became the company’s CEO in 1999. For the 60th Anniversary issue, Yankee chose 60 people who […]

October 2001

Yankee Magazine Covers | 2000s

Our very own Mel Allen took the job of editor in 2006, putting an emphasis on Yankee‘s roots in narrative voice while helping it grow into the publication you know and love today. Since then, Yankee has been nominated for CRMAs for Columns, Multimedia Extensions, Excellence Online, and Excellence in Writing. With over 2 million subscribers […]


Yankee Magazine Covers | 2010s

Yankee Publishing Inc. bought McLean Publishing in December of 2012, and successfully manages its publications (New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home, New Hampshire Parenting, and New Hampshire Business Review) still today. The purchase of McLean gained Yankee another office, this one in Manchester NH.