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Boston’s Hidden Gardens

There was a time in Boston’s Back Bay and Beacon Hill when the tiny brick-walled spaces behind homes were unadorned places that held drying laundry, extra coal, and outhouses. The spaces remain, but when the doors swing open today, you will likely find a plethora of annuals, perennials, flowering trees, and evergreens that provide homeowners […]

Community Garden Tomatoes
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Fenway Gardens: Community Gardening in Boston

Drivers rolling down Boston’s Boylston Street are sometimes surprised to see — amid the concrete and high-rises — a splash of lush green, a pergola covered in purple blossoms, and bright-red rows of tomatoes, heavy on the vine. This seven-acre plot is The Richard D. Parker Memorial Victory Gardens, better known as Fenway Gardens.The names […]

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New Hampshire Lake House

When fall comes to this lakeside family getaway in southern New Hampshire, the new color palette of golds and reds flows easily into the rooms, warming the space and creating new, enchanting views. The fireplace is amply stocked now, ready for chilly mornings when hot chocolate begins the day. Because the owner wishes to remain […]