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The Sweet Eye-Opener | Allie’s Donuts

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The Providence metro area, epicenter of Little Rhody, has the greatest number of doughnut shops per capita in America. That’s a lot of cruller fans, for sure, but it’s also a lot of competition. And yet Allie’s Donuts–a low-slung red-and-white cottage on the side of Route 2 in North Kingstown–has managed to survive the Dunkin’ era and the Krispy Kreme incursion. Credit the late Frederick “Allie” Briggs Jr., whose simple formula of good coffee (nearly 10 flavors on a recent visit), handmade doughnuts, and friendly service (takeout only) has put his namesake on many a “Best Doughnuts in America” list. The honey-dipped rounds are tender and yeasty, with a crackly crust of glaze; the chocolate cake doughnuts have the perfect balance of crisp outside and moist inside, with rich cocoa flavor; the maple-frosted rings taste like a trip to the sugar shack. And the pièce de résistance: Custom doughnut cakes, made with yeast dough and topped with a thick layer of icing and a Technicolor shower of sprinkles.

In our town, this would be a regular morning stop. The staff, a mix of old-timers and pretty high-school girls on the weekends, would come to know us and put our frequent-buyer card up on the wall with everyone else’s. We’d make our way through the 30-odd doughnut flavors and settle on one, but maybe switch it up every month or so for variety’s sake. And there would be no drive-through mornings for us–just a chance to say hello to some familiar faces and eat something fried, frosted, and fabulous. 3661 Quaker Lane, North Kingstown, RI. 401-295-8036; facebook.com/alliesdonuts

  • Westwind

    Allie – is a Rhode Island Favorite, if your lucky and get there early in the morning the donuts might even be warm. My grandkids love the decorated donut cake, it’s there asked for Birthday Cake of choice. It’s raised donut and can be shaped to a theme. The last was an ship “Anchor”.


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