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Best Chocolate Shops in New England

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Choosing the best chocolate shops in New England was a tough job – but someone had to do it.

Best Chocolate Shops in New England

Unbridled Chocolate in Marlborough, NH. Best Chocolate Shops in New England

Heath Robbins

We know it’s more than a bit hackneyed to say, but choosing the best chocolate shops in New England was a tough job and someone did have to do it: An embarrassment of riches indeed. From the coast and interior of Maine to the western corner where Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York meet, to the cities of Boston and Providence and Hartford, to the back roads of New Hampshire, we tried to leave no chocolate mold unturned. We enjoyed every cocoa-rich bite and are grateful.

Here are Yankee‘s top picks for best chocolate shops in New England, followed by 15 more outstanding choices, followed by lots of readers’ suggestions.

Daily Chocolate
Located in Vergennes, Vermont — a town that could be a Hollywood set for a small Vermont village — the name comes from the daily ritual of chocolate-making that takes place. The cream, butter, and maple syrup in their products come from local sources, but the cherries marinated in port wine and the macadamia nut clusters are unearthly.
7 Green St.
Vergennes, VT

Lee Napoli is a talented, if not peripatetic, pastry chef who kicked around a number of Boston kitchens until last winter when she opened a wee place of her own. Her handmade truffles are filled with the current darlings of the chocolate world, chiles and espresso, as well as tried and true — hazelnuts and Grand Marnier. Truffles are just the tip of the cocoa iceberg; on weekends, she makes chocolate-dipped beignets.
83 Pembroke St.
Boston, MA

Unbridled Chocolate
A friend offered these one night as an after-dinner treat and we were hooked, making a pilgrimage two days later. Many of Alan Crofut’s creations have an equestrian theme as a nod to his love for horses, but his big-bellied little Buddhas, chocolate stars, and frogs are all about quality, true flavors, and whimsy.
135 Main St.
Marlborough, NH
603 876-4700

Former carpenter (roofs, not Karen) Jonathan Spillane put down his saw to make chocolate — we are ever-so-glad he did. Each of his handmade wonders are made by Spillane himself. His flavored ganaches are heady little wonders.
9 Willow St.
Natick, MA


One can never have too much chocolate. Here are 15 more outstanding choices for Best Chocolate Shops in New England.

Lake Champlain
750 Pine Street
Burlington, VT

Harbor Sweets
Palmer Cove
85 Leavitt St.
Salem, MA

L.A. Burdicks
47 Main Street
Walpole, NH

Chocopologie Cafe
12 South Main St.
Norwalk, CT

Candy Manor
484 Main St.
Chatham, MA

Taza Chocolate
561 Windsor Street B-206
Somerville, MA

Bridgewater Chocolates
559 Federal Rd.
Brookfield, CT

Belgique Patisserie & Chocolatier
1 Bridge St.
Kent, CT

H. Mangels
107 River St.
Milford, CT

Laughing Moon
76 South Main St.
Stowe Village, VT

locations throughout Connecticut
Main Store & Factory
174 Hop River Rd.
Bolton, CT

Berkshire Bark
Sheffield, MA

Hauser Chocolate
59 Tom Harvey Rd.
Westerly, RI

Ava Marie
43 Grove St.
Peterborough, NH

Wilbur’s of Maine
174 Lower Maine St.
Freeport, ME


Did we miss any? Let us know about your picks for the best chocolate shops in New England!

  • Did you try Philips candy house in Dorchester Ma. They are excellent I just sent my aunt a box of turtles for her birthday. They are her favorite and she couldn’t say enough about how delicious they were and how nice the packaging was. I have bought her turtles from outher candy shops and she didn’t enjoy them has much as these. I think it’s definitely worth a try.

  • You left out the best chocolatier in New England: Sweet on Vermont in Burlington. Their maple almond brittle and maple caramels are unparalleled. Check them out at sweetonvermont.com.

  • Some great chocolate shops here. also: Black Dinah, plus specializing in bean to bar we have: Vicuna, Somerville Chocolate CSA, and Rogue Chocolatier

  • I know this is an old article, but I grew up in Meriden and Thompsons was always part of our Christmas and Easter. I never had a dream wedding, except for Thompsons being part of it. When we got married (Sept 2010), our party favors included foil covered hearts.

  • Great job doing the research.
    I write about EVERYTHING but happiest when writing about FOOD. There was a big Gazpacho debate in my town and yes, I did stand up to volunteer and do the gazpacho tasting and rate them. FYI in case you need anyone…..I’m just that kind of person..no really, I am.

  • I do agree with many of the comments above that there were several great chocolate businesses that were overlooked. First an foremost PRISCILLA CANDY SHOP, Gardner & Concord, MA. Bryne & Carlson/Portsmouth, NH is awesome as well as Chocolate Springs/Lenox, MA , Chatham Candy Manor/Chatham, MA, Chilmark Chocolates/Martha’s Vineyard and Turtle Alley/Salem, MA.

  • I can’t help feel as though a couple of these posts have affiliation to the stores which they profess to be the best. I can’t speak to a good portion of them, but there are a handful on the ’15 of the best’ list which are a bit of a joke given some that have been left out. I have tried the bulk of CT owned stores and a few of the MA as well (Munsons… really?) For one, Chocolate Springs in Lenox, MA is substantially better than most, if not all, on the list. I do not know the categories voted upon, but they are certainly no one trick pony, as are some. The artisanal quality of their chocolate, sculpted by immense skill and passion of their owner Joshua, remains worlds apart any of those mentioned which I have sampled listed above.

  • Black Diana Chocolates and cafe on Isle au Haut has the very best chocolets this side of heaven ,check out the web site, every bite is a delicious experience,

  • I will gleefully second (or third…) the addition of Dean’sSweets, Portland, ME. Especially since it’s near and dear to my heart, me being Dean. And our chocolates are personal and terrific! Maybe add them to the next list. thanks!

  • You always leave out Thompson Candy Company of Meriden, CT. In business for over 125 years and they have the best chocolate around and their Pecan Bark in Milk or Dark is to die for. They have a line of sugar free treats and chocolate. There is a factory store on South
    Vine Steet in Meriden that is open daily and they make all types of specialty items for Easter and Christmas. Please check them out, you will be surprised.

  • Well, ladies & gents….. again you have failed to seek out Richardson’s Canday Kitchen in the hamlet of Deerfield, Mass. It has gotten national recognition, even on TV, the turtle’s are to die for, and they come in 3-flavors, light, dark, and milk chocolate, the creamed chocolates are out of this world, and there homemade candies and choclate bark is absolutely delicious. But what would people in the western part of the state know, to the rest of the state were’ re considered country bumpkins. Well, I’ll stay with our local chocolatier, and say that they are the best!!!!

    Each year Richardson’s does the best Chocolate Covered Tuxedo Strawberries in the world, and then at Christmas there is standing room only, and that is even on the outside of the building, waiting to get in, to send them to people in the other parts of the country.

    So, I gues that we are all pretty excited about our local chocolate lover’s places, everyone enjoy your Valentine’s Day Chocolate’s where ever you may be

  • Turtle Alley Chocolates and Ye Olde Pepper Co. in Salem, MA. I wish Turtle Alley made their autumn truffles year round!

  • You certainly forgot the Thompson Candy Company, in Meriden, CT since 1879. Oh my God, they have the best Pecan Bark you will ever eat! Comes in milk, dark and white. They also have seasonal items and Easter is super. Foil wrapped bunnies and chicks and various new characters. Yummy, yummy. Try them, they are the best. I am truly surprised that no one mentioned them, over 125 years old!!!!!

  • My favorite for more than 30 years is The Chocolate Barn on Rt. 7A in Shaftsbury, VT. They have a great selection of delicious chocolates, creams,barks and truffles. It wasn’t a birthday, anniversary, (or good report card!) without a gift of chocolate from the Chocolate Barn. The shop is filled with antique chocolate molds from around the world, too.

  • Belguique in Kent, CT certainly has fabulous chocolate creations, but my hometown of Litchfield, CT has the Three Oaks Chocolatier with interesting and delectable concoctions such as cayenne pepper truffles! And best. . .they are affordable!

  • Was Ben + Bill’s in Northampton considered? Their truffles are outrageously good. It seems there is need for a re-match at some point.

  • You didn’t mention Chocolate Springs in Lenox, MA. It has been written up in many publications, and was voted by Saveur Magazine as one of the ten best in the COUNTRY.
    It’s highly addictive and highly delicious!

  • What about The Candyman of Orient, NY. Only a few miles (by ferry) from New London, CT. Handmade by the same family for many many years.

  • The best of the best-Chilmark Chocolates in beautiful Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard!

  • Shame on you. You didn’t mention Chocolate Springs in Lenox, MA. It has been written up in many publications, perhaps even your own.

  • What about Swan Chocolates in Nashua and Merrimack, NH? They are devine! Also Van Otis in Manchester, NH they make the best swiss fudge!

  • You missed Nelson’s in Wilton NH (wonderful truffles and chocolate-covered cherries!) and the Bavarian Chocolate House in North Conway NH (absolutely fabulous chocolate-covered caramels!)

  • Try the chocolate truffles at Chatham Candy Manor (Cape Cod, MA). They are absolutely the finest I have ever had. None compare. Every year I send boxes to my clients and friends and many tell me that these chocolate delicacies are the only reason they still put up with me. I’m not so sure they’re joking! The staff are also some of the nicest people I have ever done business with. And, if you like chocolate covered Oreos, order some of those, too — but try the truffles first. Enjoy! PS — they have a web site where you can mail order, too. I don’t know it off the top of my head, but you can Google it. You WILL love these chocolates!

  • You left Van Otis in Lawrence off! Even though they only make Swiss Truffles, they absolutely melt in your mouth!!

  • Harbor Candy Shop is my favorite, especially for the dark chocolate non-pareils, dipped dried fruits and dipped mints. My sister and I often drive up to restock our supplies!

  • Ovedia in Amesbury, MA, is wonderful….the chocolates are made right there….you can sit there with a cup of espresso and some delicious chocolates. Worth a trip.

  • What? No Kennebec Chocolates? There are two shops, Augusta (where the chocolates are made) and Waterville. Their web site is http://www.kennebecchocolates.com

    I give my husband a box of their dark chocolate covered cherries whenever I can find an excuse. Mmmmm …

  • We think there is nothing better than Snowflake Chocolates. There main store is in Jerico, VT, but there are many stores in other parts of Vermont. Their creams are especially good, however, you can’t go wrong with any of their chocolates. They also have some specialties such as snowflakes, moose pops etc.

  • sadfasd

    Black Dinah, definitely. Gorgeous, gorgeous artisnal chocolates. And, now, Dean’s Sweets in Portland. Decadent truffles! Owned by a practicing architect turned chocolatier, the shop is located on Middle Street, near Hugo’s, Duck Fat, Ribolitta, Norm’s East End, Pepper Club, Micucci’s and Rabelais–heady company! Don’t forget Fluer de Sel caramels from Sweet Margarite’s either. . . The three chocolatiers make Wilburs seem, well, ordinary. . .

  • ooooooooooooooooooooh — all good suggestions, thank you for the input!!!
    We tasted most of them but missed Black Dinah in Maine and Byrne & Carlson. If only it could have been the top “100” chocolates… (a girl can dream)

  • Please tell me you visited Gowells Chocolates in Brockton, Massachusetts. I live very close to one of your favorite Connecticut picks but drive 2 hours every Christmas to buy my chocolate gifts from this family owned shop. John Wayne knew where to go for his chocolates.

  • If we are adding ones we like in NE, since you aleady have my very favorite truffle maker, Lake Champlain, there is another very good one I like in Brattleboro………Tom & Sallie’s.

  • And you left out Black Dinah Chocolates on Isle au Haut, ME! Get on that mailboat in Stonington and check them out.

  • You have left out Byrne and Carlson, surely the best chocolates available anywhere! (Portsmouth, NH)


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