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Dear Yankee

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We heard from many readers in response to our September story “The Maine Connection” about the Portland ticket agent who checked in two of the hijackers on September 11, 2001. These are excerpts from some of the letters we received.

I just read your article on the man at the US Airways counter on 9/11. I felt awful after reading it. He should know the attacks were not his fault. After all, even if he prevented one, the others would have still happened. The people and security who worked that day have nothing to be ashamed of.

Dan Clarke, Rochester, NH

I was particularly touched by Mel Allen’s story about Mike Tuohey and his 9/11 experience. As we mark five years since the attacks, it’s even more poignant to recall where we were on that day and how life has changed for us all.

Bryson Dean<, Somerset, MA

I was in tears when I read this story. The cross Mr. Tuohey has carried ever since that awful day is also being carried by many of us who watched, via TV, what took place in our beloved country.

Peg Kohl, Villa Hills, KY

Please let Mike Tuohey know that only a lesser man (or woman) would blame him for his actions on 9/11. I would personally like to thank him for doing his job for all of us on all the other days. Would that a hug or kind word could resolve his self-degradation, he might be surprised that thousands of us would gladly step forward to do just that.

Jan Marsette, Brandon, VT

I read the story about Mr. Tuohey, and I could feel his pain and guilt. Please tell him for me that it was not his fault. He did his job — there was not any way he could have known what those men had planned. I pray he will feel peace.

Betty Reynolds, Albany, GA

To Mr. Tuohey: We are all human and therefore vulnerable. Not one of the passengers or people at the twin towers would deny you peace. Denying peace to yourself makes (the terrorists) a step ahead of the game — do not forget that the war is psychological, too. It takes a godly man to see evil for what it really is, and the war is not over.

Please try to remember that you are not the evil one — you are more than that one horrible day. You have proven to be strong and good. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

Joyce L. White, Coburn Gore, ME


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