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Terrarium Scenes | New England Under Glass

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We took everything we love about our region’s varied landscapes and captured it all in these lovely terrarium scenes inspired by New England.

Woodland Scene Terrarium

Woodland Scene Terrarium

Vermont Sugar Shack Terrarium

Sugar Shack Terrarium Close-Up

new england terrariums

New England Under Glass | New England-Inspired Terrariums

maple sugar shack terrarium

Sugar Shack Terrarium

farm scene terrarium

Farm Scene Terrarium

close-up of farm scene terrarium

Farm Scene Terrarium Close-Up

close-up of fall foliage scene terrarium

Fall Foliage Scene Terrarium Close-Up

fall foliage scene terrarium

Fall Foliage Scene Terrarium

beach scene terrarium close-up

Beach Scene Terrarium Close-Up

beach scene terrarium

Beach Scene Terrarium

All photos/art by Kindra Clineff

What do you love about New England? Is it those iconic red barns with sheep grazing nearby? Or the blaze of autumn foliage that signals the growing season’s last hurrah? Are you drawn to New England’s forests with their mossy mood, or perhaps you gravitate toward the shoreline with its sandy dunes? Whatever it is about New England that speaks to you, condense it into a jar so that you can enjoy your favorite landscape even when the weather discourages outdoor pursuits.

Making a terrarium filled with a New England scene is a cinch. All you need is an apothecary jar or a glass cylinder, a few scoops of pebbles, some horticultural charcoal, and potting soil, and you’ve got your base. From there, plug in your creativity and go to work creating a vignette that has meaning for you. Whether it’s a minuscule pasture or a tiny maple-sugar shack, give it as a gift to someone who shares your passion, or keep it close by. You never know when looking at a little beach scene will make all the difference.

We’ve pulled together a few iconic New England vignettes with instructions for each. But don’t feel you need to replicate them exactly. Replace the miniature plants we used with others of your choosing. Decorate with natural materials from your own backyard, and swap in small figurines from the retailers mentioned. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Give your terrarium indirect light (not full sun) and water lightly once every 10 days or so. With a terrarium, you can enjoy a window on your favorite piece of the world—where you need it, when you need it.

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