Ring Removal TIP

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Ring Removal TIP


  • If you've worn a ring for a very
  • long period of time and have put on
  • a few pounds along the way,
  • you might find you'll have difficulty
  • when you try to take it off.
  • You might have tried soaking
  • your hand in ice water or
  • using soap and twisting, but if that
  • hasn't worked, or you find it too
  • painful, here's a little tip that will slip
  • that band right off.


Get some dental floss, and pull out about a 3-foot length. Slip one end under the ring up toward your hand. From the other side, start wrapping it around your ring finger. Keep on wrapping until you are out of floss or you've reached the fingertip. Then take the end sticking out on the hand side and start slowly unwinding it. The ring will slide right off with it

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