Easiest Chili Ever

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Easiest Chili Ever

This recipe came from a friend’s Mom. I wanted the recipe because when I ate it I didn’t have heartburn.

Yield: 4-6


  • 1 lb. Meat-Whatever you like to use for your chili
  • 1 12oz.can V8 Picante juice or V8 Hot juice(for hotter chili)
  • 1 12oz.can Clamato juice
  • I did say it was easy.
  • Sometimes I add 1 cup Picante Sauce.
  • I have added many different ingredients such as rice,canned
  • corn,beans and stewed tomatoes. Depends on my mood and what I have in the pantry or refrigerator.


Brown meat,add juices and simmer until meat is done and desired consistence.

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