The Yankee Kitchen: How To Make Homemade Dumplings

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Watch assistant editor Aimee Seavey demonstrate the easy way to make homemade dumplings.


Want to make these yourself? Get the recipe for Easy Homemade Chicken & Dumplings.

  • These are exactly what I was looking for, the kind my Mom made. The flat ones are more like a noodle!

  • Miss-Karizma

    @Emogene, I know exactly the type of dumplings you are talking about. Everyone in my family, both sides, have always made them that way too. Not that these Wouldn’t be delicious, but the big round balls don’t look appetizing. I like them where you can take a bite easily.

  • Not the way my mama made them. We rolled ours kind of thin then we broke them off and dropped in broth

    • True dumplings are not made with self rising flour. Real Southern dumplings are more like a wide noodle. Anything more and you have a floating biscuit.

      • For over 100 years there have been 2 main varieties of Chicken n Dumplings in the U.S. The South is usually associated with those made like a biscuit and rolled thin then either cut , torn or pinched off to make thin flat dumplings that some call “Slickers”. The North is generally associated with “Drop Dumplings” like those pictured above hence they are in the New England Today’s , the Yankee Kitchen column. Some up here in Ohio, New Hampshire (where I was born) and elsewhere in the North generally like both varieties. My Grandma Wallace (North Atlantic Coast) usually made the “Drop Dumplings” and my Grandma Li (settled on a Virginia farm after Hong Kong) always made the “Slickers” (always a hit at Southern Baptist church socials). We make them both as either a main entree or as a rich and decadent side dish to compliment other chicken (or turkey) dishes.

        • I use Bisquick & the recipe on the box, substituting one egg for some of the liquid. My mother made these as chicken & dumplings. However she made noodles that were rolled out and cut and used these with a homemade tomato/pasta sauce but could be used with the chicken broth. Reames frozen egg noodles also work well for chiken and noodles when in a hurry.


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