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The 2022 Yankee Food Awards | Celebrating 10 Years

A tenth-anniversary celebration of the best New England artisan foods, from Boston cream pie to aged cheddar cheese, all delivered right to your doorstep.


10 Tips for Making Great Pie

First, let me say that pie is one of my favorite things to make. But it took time to get comfortable with making pie crust and whenever I teach a pie-making class, I see the fear. But with these tips for making great pie, you’ll soon be feeling like a pie pro. 1. When in […]

Yankee Magazine

Perfect Pumpkin Pie | Knowledge & Wisdom

For pumpkin-pie crust with absolutely maximal crispitude, you can’t beat the last-minute-assembly method in which you bake the crust separately from the filling, then combine them just before serving … When it works, it’s spectacular. Prepare a prebaked 10-inch pie shell and set it aside. Now take a separate 9-inch pie pan and coat with […]

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