Mel Allen

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Digging into a Deadly Winter Storm with Cathie Pelletier

A Q&A with the best-selling Maine author about her new book, “Northeaster,” about the Blizzard of 1952.

Yankee Magazine

Memories to Savor | Inside Yankee

I am writing this in late summer, a few days after laying to rest my mother-in-law, Mary, beside her husband, who has been waiting more than 40 years for her in the leafy cemetery a short walk from our house. Mary was 96, ready to move on, so this is not a sad story. Instead, […]

Yankee Magazine

Changing Landscapes | Inside Yankee

In the last days of September 1978, I joined a potato harvest crew on Donald Gallagher’s farm in northern Aroostook County, Maine. I worked for 40 cents a barrel. To fill a barrel you bent over, put a basket between your legs, and picked potatoes with both hands. After only an hour my legs had […]

Yankee Magazine

Ice Cream Adventures | Inside Yankee

“I doubt the world holds for anyone a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice cream.”  —Heywood Broun, New York newspaper columnist, 1921 My first clear memory was of waking up at age 4 from a tonsillectomy on a Caribbean island and a nurse bringing me a dish of vanilla ice cream for […]

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