Steak Tartare

By Yankee Magazine

Aug 31 2007

This dish of steak tartare is a great favorite with its champions, but there are those who will not touch raw meat. Have a frying pan ready and let them retire to the kitchen and cook their portion if they will. The steak should be served within an hour of grinding. Allow 1/3 pound per person.


freshly ground sirloin or top round steak from which all fat has been trimmed
salt, 1 teaspoon per pound
finely minced Bermuda onion
1/2 lemon for each portion
1 egg yolk per portion
black pepper


Add the salt to the ground steak and mound each portion lightly on a chilled plate. Make an indentation in each and carefully slip the raw yolk of an egg into it. Arrange a tablespoon of finely minced Bermuda onion, about 2 teaspoons of capers, and half a lemon on each plate. Garnish with fresh leaves of spinach, parsley, or watercress and serve with fresh melba toast or pumpernickel, spread with sweet butter. Pass a pepper grinder, and let each guest mix his own portion. Some people like Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco on steak tartare, but these strong condiments seem to defeat the point of the dish, which is the fresh sweet taste of the meat. Steak tartare is good on a hot day served with beer.