Our Favorite Tomato Recipes

Make the most of tomato season with these delicious recipes from the Yankee archives.

By Katherine Keenan

Jun 27 2023


Vietnamese-Style Tomato Salad with Herbs & Fried Shallots

Fresh tomato salads are among the best ways to highlight summer’s most beloved fruit. This one draws inspiration from Vietnam, with a punchy vinaigrette, whole leaves of mint and cilantro, and a golden crown of irresistible crispy fried shallots.

Mr. Ellis’s Tomato Tart

This savory tart has a buttery crust, a righteous mayonnaise-buttermilk-Parmesan custard, and loads of tomatoes. It’s best made in deep summer, when you can get the best, juiciest tomatoes of all colors and sizes.

Oven-Roasted Tomato and Ricotta Toasts

Roasting tomatoes with lots of olive oil and aromatics concentrates their sweetness, yielding silky flavor bombs with myriad applications. Toss them into pasta, pile them onto a sandwich, stir them into a grain salad, or use them as a topping for toasted bread slathered in good ricotta cheese.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Make homemade fresh tomato sauce with your pick of veggies, then freeze and enjoy the taste of summer all year long. Here we use mushrooms and onions, but you can swap in peppers, celery, carrot, zucchini, or anything else you desire.

Tomato and Mayo Sandwich

In the dog days of August, nothing tastes sweeter than a tomato and mayo sandwich on soft white bread. It just might be the ultimate summer sandwich.

Easy Grilled Tomato Flatbreads with Herbs & Greek Yogurt

These easy grilled tomato flatbreads offer a delicious taste of the Mediterranean, right in your backyard.

Nectarine & Tomato Salad with Feta & Pistachios

With just nine ingredients, this summer nectarine and tomato salad offers the most delicious combination of sweetness, acidity, salt, crunch, and color.

Potato-Tomato Tart with Aged Gouda

Made with potatoes, tomatoes, and robust aged Gouda cheese, this savory tart makes for an elegant and delicious dinner.

Fresh Tomato Risotto

For this fresh tomato risotto, a portion of the stock is replaced by the juice and pulp of ripe tomatoes. It can stand alone as a main course, but it is also a beautiful side dish for grilled fish or sausages.

Grilled Swordfish with Tomato and Sweet Pepper Salsa

Looking for an easy grilled swordfish steak recipe? This simple grilled swordfish topped with a fresh tomato and pepper salsa is fast and flavorful. We especially love making this salsa recipe with fresh summer produce. It’s delicious on fish (try it as a fish taco salsa recipe), but also on just about everything else–chicken, scrambled eggs–or just used as a dip.